Things You Should Pay More For

Being cheap on purchases.

Being frugal, or cheap like some people like to call it, will serve you well in a number of ways. There are however, some situations where being cheap is your enemy. Some things you just need to spend money on because quality items will last longer and will save you money on the long run. Let’s take a look at some things that you should always spend more money on.

1) Clothing

Cheap clothing is cheap for a reason. The cloth is thinner, the stitching is flimsy and even the dyes uses are cheaper. This leads to clothing that falls apart and fades. Considering that most people really only use about a third of their wardrobe, it makes sense to buy less clothing but spend more on it.

There is nothing worse than finding a shirt that you like and then finding that it shrunk and faded after the first wash. It is money wasted because you are going to find that you have to quickly replace cheap clothing. Spend a few bucks more and you can find items that will last you for years potentially.

2) Shoes

Like clothing, you pay for quality here. You have a lot of the same problems with stitching when you buy cheap shoes, especially with the sole of the shoe coming apart. You will find that the shoe disintegrates way before the sole begins to wear with cheap shoes. Also, the leather used (if they use real leather) is always inferior to a quality product. The finished surface is thinner and will wear out quickly.

Do yourself a favor and spend the money on quality shoes. You will get a product that looks better, feels better and lasts a long time. In the end it will save money.

3) Diapers

This is a biggie for me. I cringe whenever I see someone with store brand diapers in their cart. They just do not realize that those diapers are going to cost them more in the long run.

Cheap diapers all do one thing, they leak. This is going to cost a fortune in ruined outfits more than enough to pay for the extra cost of quality diapers.

Spare yourself the frustration and go quality in the first place.

4) Appliances

We work our appliances pretty hard. That dishwasher is running for several hours each day and the washing machine might get four hours or even more of duty time in a single day.

Why then would you buy a cheap appliance? You might save 200 dollars or more on a cheap appliance but it will have cheap components and with constant use, a weak spot will appear. When that happens, you have a dilemma. You can pay to have it repaired, but the repair would cost almost as much as the appliance did. So, what happens, you just buy another cheap appliance and repeat the cycle.

In addition, a cheap appliance will not be as efficient when it comes to water and electricity usage. This will result in higher utility costs. While it might not be extreme, 10 dollars or so a month can add up. That is over a hundred dollars in a year and several hundred dollars over the course of the appliance life. More than enough to pay for a quality appliance in the first place.

5) Furniture

If you are buying something merely for looks and it will not get used, by all means, buy cheap furniture.

If you plan on using your furniture however, spend a few dollars more. You can tell cheap furniture right away. It is not as sturdy and in the case of seating, it is not nearly as comfortable. You can spot cheap furniture such as a 400 dollar sofa a mile away.

Cheap surface material, inferior supports and low quality stuffing will quickly lead to the deterioration of both the looks and the comfort of your furniture. That means an early retirement for it and more money that you need to spend on a replacement.

Quality furniture can last for decades in many cases and is well worth the cost.

6) Towels

You use these every day so take care of yourself. Cheap towels have a lot of problems and are ultimately not all that cheap.

You can tell a cheap towel right away. It is thin and scratchy. It hurts your skin and it does not absorb water well. You will also find that it sheds. Cheap towels shed so much in fact that you will find they very quickly start leaving you, escaping to your dryers lint trap.

Instead of buying cheap towels, spend a few bucks more and get ones that last or just shop seasonally. There are typically white sales in the spring where stores put things like sheets and towels on sale. Take advantage.

7) Cleaning Supplies

There are a few exceptions, but in most cases, cleaning supplies should not be skimped on. Reason being that those cheap cleaners are heavily watered down. Use a cheap dish soap or detergent to save a few dollars and you will find that you probably have to use twice as much of it.

You have to buy cheap cleaners more often and they generally smell worse so this is an area where cheapness does not pay. Definitely buy the good stuff.

Tina’s Last Word

Being frugal is a wonderful thing but you have to be smart about it. Not every cheap purchase is a good deal. Consider longevity and, in some part, enjoy-ability when making your purchases and you can make your dollar go further.

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