Summer Clearance Shopping

Sun setting on the end of summer.

The end of Summer is almost here. While we might be sad to see the season go, you should be happy to see some incredible savings appear. The end of the season is a great time to stock up for next Summer. Buy the things that you need for next year at a huge savings of up to 90 percent and set yourself up well for next year.

Being frugal is all about planning. The worst thing that you can do is shop for the season that you are in. That would mean paying full retail. Instead, let’s use our foresight and take advantage of merchant clearance. Let’s take a look at some things you can buy right now.


You know how expensive outdoor furniture can be. Have you been eying an expensive outdoor dining set since the beginning of Summer. Well, now might be the time to snap it up.

The great thing about furniture is that it also takes up a lot of room. This is room that retailers need for Halloween and Christmas inventory. They would rather sell it for cost or even lower than pay to store it, so take advantage.

Be sure to spend some of your savings on furniture covers to keep your purchase in good shape until next season.

Outdoor Cooking

There is no question that Summer is grilling season. At the end of the season though, the demand for outdoor cooking gear drops dramatically. Most retailers will hold on to a few basic grills and heavily clearance the rest of their stock.

If you need a new grill, outdoor smoker or even a fire pit, now is a great time to pull the trigger on the purchase.


Shorts, tank tops, swimming gear and of course sandals will all be on sale shortly. Shopping for yourself is easy enough. You generally know what size to buy. Just be sure to stick to basic and timeless styles, nothing trendy. You want to make sure that you will be able to wear your clothing next year.

If you have children, you can score the best savings, you just have to think ahead and figure out what size they will be. You can usually get by with just going one or maybe two sizes up, depending on the age of your child.

Water Fun

Now is the perfect time to buy a portable pool. Those things take up a lot of space and retailers want them out. If you have the storage room, snap up your dream pool. You know the one, the 500 dollar 20 foot wide, 4 foot deep dream. It might just be marked down to $200 or even less.

If you have a pool, think about rafts, floaties and water games.

Finally, do not forget about all of those water guns, sprinklers and perhaps even snap up an old fashioned slip and slide.

Office & School Supplies

With the end of Summer, back to school shopping makes its appearance once again. If you have a child you know that now is the time to stock up on binders, notebook papers, pencils and all of the little things that they will need for the year.

If you have no kids, you can still realize some savings. Most other office supplies will be on sale like copy paper, staples, pens, folders, etc. It is even a good time to make a major office purchase for things like computers and printers.

Camping Gear

You might like to camp year round but most people do not.

That means that all those tents, camping chairs, portable grills and other gear are just going to sit on the shelf taking up valuable real estate. That is unless the merchant puts it on clearance, which they likely will.

Sporting Goods

Not all of it will be on sale but out of season sports gear will certainly get cheaper. Think about things like kayaks, canoes and boating gear. Less people will be hitting the water and all of that inventory needs to get moved.

Cars & Trucks

Now might not be the time to buy but it is getting close. Now is the time to start researching a new vehicle purchase however.

Next years models will start hitting dealership lots very soon. This means big rebates are on the horizon.

Start researching the vehicles that you like taking note of average prices. This will put you in a good position to spot the big deals and to take advantage of them quickly when they hit.


Don’t forget about all of the little things too. Things like sunblock, bug spray, beach towels, etc. Check the clearance racks for all of the little items that will make your next Summer complete. These will be the things that have the biggest savings, approaching90 percent in many cases.

Tina’s Last Word

Getting ahead of seasonal expenses is a huge way to boost your savings. You will not realize the savings for 9 months but if you start now, you can begin getting ahead of every season. This will allow you to never pay full retail again on Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring specific gear.

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