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Exercising For Cheap

A gym is a great tool to help you get fit but it can also be a drain on the budget. A gym membership can easily cost $40 to $80 a month for a single person. That gym could be getting $1000 of your money a year. That is money that you could be saving or investing. Let’s get that money back by letting Tina show you some great ways to work out without that pricey membership.

Walking or Jogging

The ultimate nearly free exercise. I say nearly free because you might want to invest in a couple things to make your time more pleasurable. A set of headphones and a good pair of running or walking shoes. You can get both of these things for well under $100 and then start walking or jogging your way to fitness.

If you are not a jogger, don’t be discouraged. Many of us can’t stand the idea of jogging either because it is too taxing or they don’t have the joints to do it comfortably. You can still get most of the same benefit from walking. Start out slow and then increase your pace to get your heart going.

Online Videos

If you like class environments but want to save on the cost of gym classes, you are in luck. There are literally thousands of workouts online. Check out youtube for some great workouts that are completely free. If you have a smart television, you can even put them up on the big screen to do.

Want to go old school with your video workouts or live in an area with sketchy internet? No problem, just head down to the used book store and pick up some used exercise DVD’s. You should be able to get them for just a couple dollars a piece. Problem solved.

Free Weight Exercises

A couple of dumbbells will set you back around $10, maybe less if you find them used. You can use them to do a bunch of great exercises to tone every part of your body. You do not need a fancy and expensive machine for each body part.

Make the most of your dumbbells by getting yourself a utility bench. They cost about $60 and will take your workout to the next level by letting you do all these exercises. I recommend an adjustable bench that will be able to incline and decline. They will allow you to do an even greater variety of exercises.


You do not have to go full boar cyclist. A basic bike and a helmet can be had for $200 or less and will allow you to enjoy bike riding. Ride in the park, around the neighborhood or start going on longer road trips.

The best thing about cycling is that almost anyone can do it. It is much easier on the knees and if you have back problems, you can even look into recumbent bikes.

Build A Used Home Gym

If you look on your local craigslist, you will find dozens, if not hundreds of used pieces of exercise equipment. You can get this stuff for pennies on the dollar and save a fortune over the cost of a gym.

Get an exercise bike for under $100 and a weight bench with olympic weights for around $150. The deals are out there and you should be able to create a fully functional home gym by getting just $300 in used stuff. Compare that to the annual $1000 cost of a gym and it is a steal.

Work Out With A Friend

If you miss the motivation that a gym provides, get together with a friend who also wants to get in shape. Having someone else to push you is a great thing. On days when you do not want to work out, they will and can help get you going.

Challenge each other to plan workouts and take turns doing so. One day you might walk stairs or another day do wind sprints up a local park hill. There are dozens of free workouts that you and a friend can come up with and if you keep challenging each other, it will stay interesting.

Join A Budget Gym

If you absolutely must go to the gym, look for one of the many budget gyms that have been popping up everywhere. They usually take over old shopping centers when an anchor store like a grocery moves out. Most of these places will have memberships for around $10 to $15 a month. That is less than $200 a year and most of these places are fairly well stocked with equipment. How do they do it for such a cheap price? Easy, they count on over half of the people signing up and never using the membership. Really, so keep that in mind.

Tina’s Last Word

There are a ton of ways to get a good workout in without spending 1000 dollars a year. Try a few of the ideas above and see what works for you. Above all else, just get yourself moving in some way or another, even if it is just mall walking or doing some gardening. The more activity you get in your life the better.

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