How Can I Make Money Fast If I’m Desperate?

We hear this all the time from people visiting our website. People are in great need for money and are often at a loss as to how to get it. If you have found yourself in the desperately needing money camp, Tina can help. Below you will find some easy and proven ways to get some cash in hand fast.

What are you waiting for? Go get your money!

Ways To Find Desperately Needed Money

Lets get started with the ways to get paid.

1. Online Loans Can Get You Money Fast

You might not want a loan but it sure is the fastest and surest way to get the money that you need. If nothing else, it is good to have a loan approval in your back pocket as you try to find money.

2. Cash In Your Old Cellular Phones

Money For Cell Phones

There was a time when I had several old cell phones in my junk drawer. You know how it is, you get a new phone and throw the old one in the drawer as backup. Well, you are sitting on a depreciating asset. Your old phones will never be worth more than they are right now so sell them to Gazelle and get paid for them. Gazelle makes it easy to get paid for your phone and you can get a quote online right now. Click here to visit Gazelle and get your money.

3. Get A Free Sign On Bonus

Make Money WIth Bonus

Yes, some companies will pay you just to sign up for an account. Right now, you can visit Swagbucks and get $5 just for signing up. After you sign up, keep earning money from playing games, watching videos and basically all of the things that you already do. Claim your $5 from Swagbucks now. It takes just a minute to get started.

4. Claim Money That Is Owed You

Find Government Money

It is entirely possible that you have money just waiting for you, being held by the government. This could be unclaimed back wages, money from an old federally insured bank account or just about anything. Companies are required to report unclaimed money to the government and the government holds and keeps track of the money. All you have to do is step up and take it. See if you have any unclaimed money by visiting this government website.

5. Voice Your Opinion To Companies

Desperate Money For Opinion

Want to tell companies just what you really think about their products or services? Of course you do. Why not voice your opinion and get paid at the same time. Survey Junkie lets you do just that. Sign up for a free account and start earning points that you can exchange for gift cards and cash through Paypal. Earn points easily by taking simple surveys or simply by opening emails. There are dozens of ways to get points quick with Survey Junkie, They even pay you to fill out your profile. Check out Survey Junkie now and get started.

6. Saved Money Is Made Money

Saving Money Desperately

If you save a dollar on a bill, it is the same thing as making an extra dollar. Why not cut expenses and find cheaper alternatives to the services that you already buy. Take a look at Trim and see just how easy that can be. They can help you save money by finding cheaper utilities like cable or satellite. They can help you cancel old subscriptions that you no longer use. In fact, there are dozens of ways that they can save you dollars and cents.

7. Watch Videos Online For Cash

Make Money With Videos

Do you watch a lot of youtube while on the internet? Why do it for free when you can get paid to do it. Check out the video section of Swagbucks and start earning for what you are doing right now. Get started right now and start earning the money that you so desperately need.

8. Stop Wasting Money Online Shopping

Save Money Shopping

When you buy something online, are you sure that you are getting the very best price? You can spend hours researching your purchases or you can get the browser add on Honey. When you visit a website, Honey automatically checks to see if you are getting the best price or not. You can also see past price history on products so you know if now is a good time to buy or if you should wait. Sign up with Honey and start saving.

9. Sell Something

Junk Sale

We all have junk just lying around the house taking up space. Sell it and get the money that you so urgently need. You can sell items online or in person. Online will take a bit longer to get your money but online auctions will generally get you more money. You will have to deal with shipping however which can be a drag. Local sales have their own pitfalls like dealing with people that you do not know. If you choose to sell in person, be sure to use a secure daytime location and only take cash. If you go online, choose a buy it now option on eBay to get your money the fastest. If you need money desperately, you probably do not want to sit through a ten day auction.

10. Sell Plasma

Give Blood

You can make several hundred dollars a month selling plasma. It is also easy to do, even if you hate needles, al you have to do is look away. Watch television or play on your phone for a bit and walk out with the money that you need. When you donate plasma, they return your red blood cells so you do not have the same negative effects that you get with donating whole blood. This is why you are able to donate several times a month and make some good money. Just do a search in your city for plasma donation. They are easy to find.

Still Desperate For Money

Give the above ideas a shot and see just how much money you can make or maybe save. If you often find yourself in need of cash to make ends meet, consider taking action. Here is what you need to do to get on the right financial track.

Know Where Your Money Is Going

So what is taking action. By this I mean that you should take charge of your finances. First, write down every bill that you have, preferably on a spreadsheet. Only when all of your bills are laid out in front of you can you see where your money is really going. Then you can make the appropriate cuts so that you are living within your means.

Make The Changes To Avoid Desperation

Now that you know just where your money is going each and every month, you can make the hard decisions necessary to get your finances in order. It is no fun being broke so it is time to face the reasons that you need money desperately and make the cuts. This could be as simple as downgrading your cable subscription package to getting a cheaper car or a cheaper place to live. If your budget is not such that you can save 10 percent of your income every month for savings, you must make some cuts now to get back on track.

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