How To Get Quick Money In Los Angeles

Do you need to make some quick money today in Los Angeles? You can do it easily with Tina’s help. You already have what you need in front of you, a computer or smart device. What are we waiting for, let’s get started.

Quick Money For Signing Up To Swagbuck’s

Sign up with Swagbuck’s and they will give you $5 just for signing up to their website. Nothing beats free and once you are signed up, you can start making more money right away.

I have tried a lot of survey websites and always keep coming back to Swagbuck’s. You do not get all of the runaround that you get with other websites. In addition, they monetize just about everything that you do online like shopping, playing games and watching video.

You earn points on their website doing simple surveys and other online tasks. You then cash them cash them out for PayPal gift cards which are as good as cash.

Quick Tip: When you chose the surveys to take, look at the time involved as well. It might be more advantageous, for example, to take a bunch of short $5 surveys over a loner $50 one.


Quick Money With Swagbucks

Quick Money Selling Your Old Phones

I have always had a habit of throwing my old phone in the junk drawer when I get a new one. Sometimes I wanted to keep it for a backup and sometimes I was just too lazy to sell it.

It is nice to have a backup but chances are that you will never need one. Also, that phone is losing value each and every day that you hold on to it. But where can you sell a phone easily in Los Angeles?

This is where Gazelle comes in to make you quick money. You can visit their website and get a quote for your old cell phone. If you agree to their price, they send you a box and pre-paid shipping to send your phone to them. They make it very easy.

Quick Tip: It is never a bad idea to wipe your phone or reset it to the factory settings.

It doesn’t hurt to check them out to see what you can get for your old phones, so gather them all up and the Gazelle website. Who knows, you might just be holding a phone worth 200 dollars in your hand.

Money For Phones

Quick Money From Craigslist

You can make some quick money on craigslist in several ways.

The first money opportunity is that there might be a job waiting for you on Craigslist. A lot of businesses just need people for a single day and they will pay you cash for it.

What kind of jobs might you find? Well, one good example is those people you see holding signs for store closings or apartment leasing on the street. Grab a sign, pop in your ear buds and make some money doing virtually nothing.

The easiest way to find these jobs is to check the Et Cetera category of the Craigslist job section. Give it a browse and see what you see.

The second money opportunity is buying and selling from craigslist. People tend to sell things for cheap on this website and if you can learn to recognize the values, you can buy them cheap at your local Los Angeles Craigslist and sell them for profit on eBay. Easily make 600 dollars a month with this method in your spare time.

To get started, check out the website and browse items you know about. Check what they are selling for at online auction websites and if there is profit to be made, by it local. The money that you can make with this is limitless, depending on your own ambition. Pay particular notice to the free stuff section on your Craigslist.

Quick Tip: If you need money today, list your items on eBay with a competitive Buy It Now auction. Once you get paid via PayPal, you can get your money instantly deposited to your account for a small fee.

Los Angeles Craigslist

Quick Money With Uber

Okay, you will not get paid money today but Uber doe pay weekly so you can start earning some cash. According to Uber, the average person makes almost $20 an hour driving for them. You might make less or more in Los Angeles depending on the time that you drive and your exact location.

The wonderful thing about Uber is that you can turn your earning on or off whenever you want. Turn your downtime into a money making opportunity.

Quick Tip: Also consider working for Lyft as they allow for tipping.

Drive LA Uber

Quick Money Selling Your Plasma

Medical companies make a number of life saving products with plasma. This means that they need plasma donations and lots of them to stay in business.

Sell your plasma and make several hundred dollars a month donating. It is super easy to do and if you are a bit squeamish, you can simply look away while they do the needle part.

You can donate plasma much more often than you can donate blood. This is because when they take the plasma, they return your red blood cells. There are a lot of places to go to donate your plasma in Los Angeles, you just need to do a quick search.

Plasma Los Angeles

Quick Money Selling Old Books

Yes, people still read books in print form. Gather up your old books and also your old cd’s, dvd’s and especially records and head to a local used book store in Los Angeles.

One good choice is The Last Book Store located at 453 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013. You can also call them at (213) 488-0599.

Book purchases are on a limited basis and you may not get a whole lot of money but it is something and it is definitely quick.

Quick Tip: You can also check to see if your books are worth more online at eBay. You might run into a rare one that is worth more to auction of than to sell in person. It never hurts to check.

Los Angeles Books

Quick Money Delivering Food

Consider an exciting career in food deliver. Ok, maybe it will not be that exciting but you can make money right away in it. Restaurants are always hiring servers and delivery drivers. You can possibly even start today and start earning immediately with tips.

Places to look into are pizza stores, Chinese food restaurants and you could even try Uber Eats which delivers from a variety of places. You can look into Uber Eats or just start calling some local Los Angeles delivery stores.

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