How To Get $900

Getting $900 in hurry is never easy but you do have a lot of possible solutions. They range from easy to hard so you will have to decide what is the best for you.  Ready to get started?

An Easy Option

The easiest way to get the money you need is with a free loan quote. We can give you access to one of the largest loan networks around. Even if you don’t accept the loan, it makes a nice security blanket. It will give you something to fall back on in case other ways do not pay off. Besides, it is free and it will take just a minute.



Another Easy Choice

If you have a family member that you can borrow from, it might be a good option as well.

I know, money and family can be tricky but if you handle things right from the start, there should be no issues. Tina is here to help.

The main problem with borrowing from family is that people tend to remember things differently. Ask two people what happened on a TV episode right after they watch it and you get the same story. Ask them a month later and they may tell completely different versions. Facts get blurred over time.

To fight this, you need to write out a contract. Yes, even with an informal loan between family members, you need to write out a contract. Nothing too fancy, just write down all of the facts like the amount borrowed, how much is to be paid back and when it is to be paid back. Both you and your family member should sign it. By doing this, it assures that you don’t borrow 500 dollars, for example, and your family remembers it as a 600 dollar loan.

Also, when you make payments or pay back the loan entirely, get a receipt. Even better, pay with a form of money that leaves a paper trail, in other words, no cash. Write a check, use a money order or use an electronic money transfer from your bank. Even Paypal will work in a pinch.

If you do everything right, you should be able to borrow from a family member without hard feelings.

A Little Tougher Method

By now, you might have decided that a loan is not the right thing to handle your need for 900 dollars. Okay, you still have options but it will take a little work. Let’s take a look at how to earn the money in a short time.

If you need money tomorrow, you will not be able to earn the money in that short of a period. You could however take out a loan and then use the following methods to pay back the loan. Otherwise, if you have some time to wait, you can simply save the money. Here are some relatively easy ways to earn it.

  • First, you can donate some life saving plasma. Imagine just laying back in a bed and catching up on your social media or even reading a book. Also imagine getting paid to do this. Of course you will have a needle in your arm but that is a small detail really.
    Donating plasma can make you anywhere from $30 to $50 a donation and you can do it up to twice a week. Doing the math, that is $240 to $400 a month.
    If you are good with needles, look for a donation center in your city, they are everywhere because of the high demand of plasma.
  • Second, consider driving for a service like Uber or Lyft. You can make $20 to $30 an hour doing so and you can do it whenever you like.
    Which service you sign up for will be a bit of a personal preference as it will all come out about the same int he end. Lyft, for example, will take less of your money. Uber on the other hand has a farther reach and will probably give you more rides.
    To qualify to drive you only need a few basic things. With Uber, you need one year of driving experience if you are over 23. You need three years of driving experience if you are under 23. In addition, you need a valid license and a qualifying 4 door vehicle.
  • Third, consider a part time job. Right now, unemployment is low and demand is therefore high for employees. Starting pay has been raising everywhere. Walmart, for example, raised their starting hourly wage to $11 an hour. Target one upped them and made their pay $13.
    If retail is not to your liking, and you have a good personality, waiting tables might be your thing. A good waiter or waitress can make an easy $20 to $30 an hour.

A Harder Way

Yet another solution to your money problem might be to sell $900 worth of property. This is a bit tougher unless you happen to have a few high dollar items that you are willing to part with. Gat a few spare iPads you can sell for 400 dollars a pop? Probably not.

For most of us, if we want to make that kind of money selling our stuff it means, Garage Sale.

To have a successful garage sale, you need to do some planning and preparation.

First, you need to check and see if you need a permit for your garage sale. Some cities require them to keep “serial garage salers” at bay. If you live in an HOA neighborhood, you will also want to check with them if you are permitted to have a sale.

Next, you will want to lay out everything that you intend to sell and price it. Use those cheap little circle stickers to mark your prices. Be realistic with your prices, remember, people do not value your stuff as much as you do and they are looking for bargains.

On the day of the sale, lay out your stuff strategically. Place a few big items at the entrance to lure people in but place the high demand stuff at the back. Think the way grocery stores do. You want to get people to walk by everything.

Finally, don’t forget the signage. Place signs at major intersections and at the entrance to your subdivision. Don’t stop there though, place signs all the way to your home, marking every turn. You need to leave a complete trail of breadcrumbs to get them there.

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