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If you need 850 dollars in a hurry, it is probably for an emergency. Lucky for you, Tina can help and I can show you how to get the money you need super fast. Below are a few ways to get the money you need listed in a specific order from easy to hard. Choose the method that works best for your situation. Ready to get started? Let’s Go!

The Easy Solution

The easiest solution is to get a cash loan. An installment loan can get you the money that you need and it can be sitting in your bank account as soon as the next business day. Tina can help you get the quote you need and it is free and there is also no obligation. Best of all, one of the lenders in our network may be able to give you a loan offer even with bad credit. It takes about two minutes to find out, so let’s see.

Once you have your loan offer, you can decide to take it or just walk away. It also makes a nice “Plan B” in case you are unable to get your money another way.

A Bit Harder

If you have more time to get the money, you can always do the fire sale thing. Everything must go until you have the 850 dollars that you need. Look around your home and see what you can spare and list it for sale. Make sure that these are things that you can live without. It would not do you much good if you had to turn around and buy the stuff again in a few weeks,

Once you have your items, check out apps like Letgo that allow you to list items for local sale. If you have a really in demand item like a washer and dryer set or video game system, you could have a sale in a day or two. Other items might take a bit longer. You might also have to sell multiple items to get the entire amount that you need. The average used video game system may only go for 250 dollars while an average used washer & dryer set will go for around 400 dollars.

If you like the idea of selling things to make the money that you need and do not like the idea of taking out an $800 loan, you could always combine the ideas. Get the loan for now, which will satisfy your immediate need for money and buy you some time. Then list your items for sale and use the money to pay back the loan. That would give you the best of both worlds and the extra time you have to sell your stuff may allow you to hold out for more money. This could even potentially pay for your loan fees.

A Little Harder Yet

Now, it is time to start thinking about working for the 850 dollars that you need. Not a wonderful solution, but you have to do what you have to do. This is also only going to be an option for you if you have at least a few weeks in order to get the money. They are not the fastest way to get money but they would allow you to avoid interest and fees.

Part time jobs are incredibly easy to get these days because of the low unemployment rate. Employers are practically begging for workers and starting wages have increased across the board.

Even Walmart, a company that has never really been one to pay their workers much, has increased their starting wage to $11 an hour. Care to spend a few hours a day chasing down shopping carts?

Target, probably one of their biggest competitors has likewise increased their starting pay. They one upped the big W and raised their base rate to $13 an hour. That makes them a great choice for a part time job although they are not open 24 hours. That means available shifts may be a bit more limited.

If you are the independent type, driving for Uber is always an option and they claim that you can average as much as twenty five dollars an hour. If that proves true, you can earn the $850 that you need in just 34 hours.

Tina’s Last Word

If you find yourself in need of emergency money like this often, the best thing that you can do is to set up an emergency savings account. Everyone should have one and ideally it should have enough money to cover 6 months of bills.

That is an intimidating amount of money but if you add to a savings little by little, the account balance will build before you know it. Assuming that you get paid every two weeks, you should start by putting just $50 from each check into a savings account. Have it automatically withdrawn so that you never even see it. In the course of a year, that is $1300 in your savings plus interest.

Now, back to the emergency at hand. Obviously, the quickest and easiest way to get $850 is to get a personal loan. The other methods will work but if this is an emergency, you may not have the time. Still, you can use the other methods to raise the money to pay back your loan.

If you do decide to pursue the loan, you should use caution. Do not go into any financial situation blind. Take the time to read all of the details of your loan so that you know what your obligations will be. Read everything but pay particular attention to the total cost of the loan including all interest and fees. Make sure that the cost of the credit is worth it.

Remember, emergency loans like this should only be used for an actual emergency. If you find yourself in need of money often, you should seek consumer counseling.

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