How To Get $750

Sometimes an emergency happens and you find yourself in need of money in a hurry. If this has happened to you, Tina can help. We can provide you with a free loan quote from a huge network of lenders and offer you solutions to then pay that loan back in a hurry. Assuming time is of the essence, lets get going.

Your Quote Is Waiting

A fast loan is just around the corner and all that you need is to do to get it is to fill out a short, two minute application. There is no obligation and it is absolutely free.


Before you complete your quote form, you might be curious about how things work. Here is what happens in the process and how to get 750 dollars.

  • First, you will enter your information. The form simply asks for some basic information and it should not take more than a few minutes to complete everything.
  • Next, you will hit submit and your form will go off to the network. When a lender is found that wants to make you an offer, you will then be directed to their website or sent the 750 dollar loan offer details.
  • Take the time to review the offer completely and then accept or reject the offer.
  • If you accepted the offer, your lender will get you the $750 soon, sometimes as quick as the next business day.

Paying It All Back

Now let’s talk about paying your loan back. Hopefully, you already know that your loan fits into your budget but if you are unsure, I have some ways that you can help make ends meet.

First, you need to see how short you are going to be. If you do not have a budget, take a minute and write down all of your bills for the month. Be sure to include a monthly budget for things like food and entertainment.

Once you have your budget written out, insert your loan payment and compare it to your net salary or take home pay for the month. Is it all good or is it going to be a little tight and will you need some money to make ends meet.

If money will be a little tight, perhaps it would be best to add some extra income, at least until you pay the $750 back. Here are some ways to earn some extra cash.

  • Sell Something You Don’t Need
    You probably have a lot of things that you do not need just lying around. These days, it is also incredibly easy to sell things. If you have an old cell phone, use Gazelle. They even pay for the shipping.
    Other items can be quickly sold on eBay although you will have to mess with the shipping. Larger items are good to sell locally with Craigslist being the king of local marketplaces.
  • Take On A Part Time Job
    You can find a part time job to fit just about any schedule. Walmart, for example, offers shifts 24 hours a day and they have recently even increased their starting wages.
    Not a big fan of retail, start driving people around the city with Uber or bring them some food with Uber Eats. In just ten hours, you can make 250 dollars driving with Uber at the advertised average rate of $25 an hour.
    This just scratches the surface of part time gigs available, it just depends on what you want to do.
  • Go Out On Your Own
    If you do not like working for someone in your spare time, consider going out on your own.
    Know web design or have some digital skills, check out Fiverr.
    Want to make some money cleaning houses, cutting yards or even painting? Just print out some cards and go door to door to drum up some business. You can easily earn several hundred dollars a month or more doing this.
    If you want to make money on your terms, you are only limited by your creativity and ambition.

Before You Accept

Before accepting a loan, you need to take some things into consideration.

The first thing to consider is if you have any other choices. Besides a loan from a lender, could you borrow some money from a friend or family member for example.

The second is if the loan is actually needed. Is it for something that you can not do without like food or shelter or is it for a luxury. If is is for a luxury, you need to consider if the cost is worth what you are getting out of it. By cost, I mean the total of the loan fees that you will pay.

Tina’s Last Word

A loan is nothing that should be entered into lightly, even if it is just for 750 dollars. Before you take on a loan you should do two things. You should make sure that you can afford it and you should make sure that you really need it. No lender is going to tell you the truth about either one of those things, so it is up to you to be financially responsible enough to use your credit properly.

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