How To Get $550

If you find yourself in need of 550 dollars, you are in luck. Tina is here to help you get the money that you need in just a few simple steps. Let’s stop wasting time and get right to it.

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If you need money and need it fast, this is the way to get it. Don’t worry, it is free to get a quote and you are under no obligation. If you do like the quote and want to accept the money, I can also show you how to get it paid off quickly.


When you fill out the form above, your information will go securely to one of the largest online lender networks around. The benefit to this is that it makes it much easier to get an approved offer, even with bad credit. In any case, there is no cost to submit your quote for review and there is no obligation. Why not get started now and see if you get an offer.

How To Pay Off Your Loan

If you decided that a loan is the right move, your next thoughts should be that of paying it off. Here is what you need to do to address the situation.

Make A Budget

If you do not already have a budget, you need to get one. Nothing fancy is needed, you just need to know how much you are paying each month in bills and how much money yo have coming in.

Take a few minutes and write down all of your expenses and then write down a budgeted allotment for food, gas and other variable expenses. Now insert your loan payment into the budget and get your total. Compare that to your net income and see where you are at. If you have enough money to pay the loan off and still live, great, if not we are going to have to find you some more money.

Part Time Jobs

It used to be that you would have to slave away at minimum wage to make a few extra bucks at a part time job. Not the case anymore. Nowadays, most employers are desperate for help and starting wages across the board have come up. Take Amazon for example, they now start all employees at $15 an  hour. Not bad for a part time job. At that rate, you could pay off your 450 dollar loan in just 30 hours.  Split that time over three weeks and that is just 10 hours a week. You can then keep your job and keep earning and build a nice emergency savings account.

Here are some great places to turn for a part time job:

  • Amazon: Starting wages of $15 an hour, when this article was written, they could be even more now. Amazon has a constant demand for employees. If you live in a warehouse area, they need order fulfillment and in other areas, drivers are always needed.
  • Target: I nice clean place to work with variable shifts. They always need help stocking and at the register. As of the time this was written, they had a starting wage of $13 an hour.
  • Walmart: Much of the same need as Target above, but they are also open more hours. With most stores open 24 hours, you can easily fit a part time shift into just about any schedule. The company is also rapidly expanding so it would not be impossible to turn this into a nice career change. Make an easy 450 dollars or more a month with Walmart  working just about 10 hours a week.
  • Uber Eats: If you have a car, you can deliver food and make an easy ten to fifteen dollars an hour after your driving expenses. This is a great way to make money driving if you do not want to transport people in your vehicle and it still gives you the flexibility to stop working whenever you like.
  • Security: Working part time security is an easy gig and the shifts are available all times of day. Pay is comparable with many retailers and the work is simple. Essentially, you walk around a building and observe. Pretty simple way to pay back your $550.
  • MISC: The jobs above are just a sample of the types of work you can get. Just about every employer is open to hiring for part time work because part timers do not need to be paid benefits. Its a win for your employer and the additional money is a win for you.

Side Hustles

If you need money but do not want to work for somebody part time, you have to start thinking about picking up a side hustle. There are a lot of ways to make extra money on the side and stay independent.

Here are some side hustle ideas that could help you pay back the 550 dollars that you owe.

  • Plasma Donation: This is one of my favorite hustles because you can do it every month and it helps people. Make 350 dollars a month donating plasma in your spare time.
  • Cutting Grass: You can make $30 to $40 for a standard sized yard and all you need is a mower and a trimmer. This is also great repeat business since, as you know, grass never stops growing. Make up some flyers or a simple business card and go door to door to drum up business.
  • Sell on eBay: Thousands of people sell professionally on eBay. To do so, you can go one of two routes. You can buy a product wholesale in bulk and sell it on eBay or you can simply buy local and sell on eBay for a profit. The second choice is easier as a side hustle and you can easily make 400 to 500 dollars a month doing this is in your spare time. The trick is finding things for cheap. Make it a point to look at garage sales, thrift meets and thrift stores.
  • MISC: There are a lot of other side hustles out there. You just need to get creative and if you see an area where you can make money, jump on it. Before you know it, you will have a great gig that can help you pay off your 550 dollar loan and keep on making money for months to come.

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