How To Get $1500

Money from getting 1500 dollars.

If you need 1500 dollars and are having a bit of trouble finding it, all is not lost. Tina might just be able to help you out with some great options that can get you the money you need as early as tomorrow. So, without further ado, let’s see what kind of choices you might have.

Personal Loans Are Fast

If you want the money as soon as tomorrow, a personal loan quote might be just the thing. Credit not in shape? No problem, Tina can get you access to a network of lenders that can work with poor credit. Just take a few minutes and complete the following quote form and get your offer. Oh, and it is completely free by the way.

Selling Stuff Is Easy

An easy way to get 1500 dollars without all of the fees and interest associated with cash loans is by selling some property. Granted, when you need a high dollar amount like this, you need to have something or some things that are pretty special to sell.

To get the money in one shot we are looking at possible an old boat, jet ski or maybe an ATV as a possibility. Jewelry can also get the job done if you have some high ticket items.

Another option is to just sell a bunch of small ticket items. It might take a bit longer, but whatever works in the end. The easiest place to sell is eBay and it is one of my favorites. You can sell just about anything on eBay and get close to top dollar. The top sellers on eBay are iPhones (and pretty much anything Apple), fitness trackers, video games and power tools. Jewelry is a bit harder to sell there so if you have some items, take them to a local gold and silver store.

Skipping Payments Can Help

If you have some loans out, such as a car loan, consider calling your creditor and asking them to defer a payment. It is a simple process of simply moving a payment to the end of the loan term. Some will do it with just a verbal okay and some will ask you to sign a form but it is easy. I have found that most auto loan providers will be happy to work with you if your account is in good standing.

Skipping an auto payment will probably not get you all the way to $1500 dollars, unless you are driving a beast of a vehicle, but every bit helps.

Other payments you can look at skipping are credit cards and even gym or satellite subscriptions. The last two can often be put on hold and credit card companies might only let you make an interest only payment. Still, like I said, every bit helps.

Family Loans Are Interest Free

The best thing about borrowing from family is that the loan is nearly free of charge.

I say nearly because there are usually strings attached to a family loan. Not only do you have to disclose your money situation but you also often have to deal with emotions and hurt feelings.

People are emotionally wrapped up in their money and if they think you are taking advantage of them, even when you aren’t, they will let you know.

If you go the family route to get your 1500 dollars, use some caution, get everything in writing and pay the loan back with a check so that you can prove they got it.

Needles Don’t Hurt That Bad

If you have time to wait, donating your plasma can get you your $1500 in just under 4 months.

Plasma is a bit different than giving whole blood. Sure, they are still sticking a needle in your arm but during the process, they give you back your red blood cells. That is the reason that you can only give whole blood, it takes two months for you to regenerate them.

Since you get them back during plasma donation, you can donate several times a week and pull down around $400 a month. That get you the money you need in under 4 months.

Cheapness Is An Awesome Skill

If you can’t come up with money, you can always cut your expenses to the bare minimum. You won’t get money by tomorrow but it will be money that is free and clear.

There are a lot of ways to trim a budget and how far you go just depends on how desperate you are and how cheap you can be. Here are some ways to cut your spending dramatically and save the needed money instead of borrowing it.

  • Cancel cable or satellite.
  • Switch to prepaid wireless.
  • Take your lunch to work.
  • Buy beans and rice in bulk for meals.
  • Give up soda for water, tap water.
  • Walk or carpool to work.
  • Turn off the lights.
  • Borrow free movies and books from the library.
  • Put the gym membership on hold.
  • Switch to generics.
  • Cut your own hair.

Tina’s Final Word

If you need 1500 dollars, there is almost always a way so do not give up. It might take time, but you can get there. Even if you have to combine the methods above or go further outside the box, be sure to consider all of your options. If a loan is what you decide on, be sure to read all of the terms and conditions carefully. A loan is a serious matter and should not be taken lightly. Taking on the wrong one could be disastrous for your finances so be sure that the loan cost is worth it.

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