How To Get $1400

How to get 1400 dollars fast, helping hands.

If you find yourself needing 1400 dollars in a hurry, I can help you out. You have a few ways to get the money that you need although some will be a bit easier than others. Let’s get to it.

Get A Cash Loan Quote

The easiest and fastest way to get your money is with a free loan quote. Luckily, I can get you access to an online network of lenders where you can get a fast quote, even with bad credit. Whether you accept the offer is up to you but it doesn’t cost anything. Why not take a look?

Get A Credit Card Advance

If you have a credit card with enough of a balance, you might just be able to get a credit card cash advance. Keep in mind that your card will have to have a much higher overall limit than the $1400 that you are trying to take out. This is because most credit card companies limit cash advances to a percentage of the total balance.

To get your advance, you can either use the ATM or go to a bank teller. Chances are that if you need $1400, it will exceed the ATM limit, so you will probably have to go inside a bank to see a teller.

When you take out a cash advance, you should now two things. First, there maybe a fee. Your card issuer might charge a fee of anywhere from 3 to 5 percent of the amount you take. In addition, the bank might charge you a fee to provide this advance.You also need to know that there will usually be a higher interest rate for cash advances. The rate is almost always higher than your interest rate for purchases and could be as high as 29 percent.

Get A Loan From Your Uncle

A family member might be able to help you with a free cash loan. Of course, it does not have to be your uncle but if you have a rich one, it does not hurt to ask.

If you intend to borrow money from family, your first thought should be how you are going to repay this loan. You need to have a plan and not just rely on money falling from the sky later. If you borrow without a way to pay it back, you can be assured that yout family relationship will sour.

Also, be prepared to have your future spending scrutinized a bit until you pay back the loan. Often when someone lends you money, they look at how you are both spending it and the future money that you make. People just want to make sure that they are not being taken advantage of and money carries with it an emotional value.

If you can swing it though, a family loan will give you the $1400 without all of the loan fees or credit requirements.

Get A Loan From A Clean Title

If you own your vehicle completely and have no lien holder, you can consider the infamous title loan. Tread carefully, because this is a dangerous loan.

The only real good thing about a title loan is that it is easy to get an approval. If your vehicle is worth more than you are borrowing and you have income, you will generally get approved.

There are a lot of bad things about these loans to consider, so do not just look at the good.

Interest rates are very high, often approaching the level of payday loans. You might have bad credit, but the rates are often unreasonably high, especially since it is a secured loan.

Which brings me to the next bad thing. If you fail to pay the loan, they will probably come snag your ride. With a secured loan like this, you are giving them this ability and they will not fail to take advantage of it.

Because of the risks, title loans are best as a last resort.

Get A New Job

$1400 is a lot of money, but you might be able to get it simply by changing jobs. If you are in a high demand trade like heating and air conditioning or long haul trucking, a big sign on bonus is fairly easy to get.

To lure in more talent, many employers offer some substantial sign on bonuses to get workers in the door. Just change jobs and complete a set amount of weeks at work and boom, the bonus is yours. You might not get the money tomorrow but if you can wait, you might be able to get it in a few weeks. While you are searching for a sign on bonus, also take a look at the pay and benefits like healthcare and vacation time. You might even be able to get that bonus while improving your regular pay and benefits as well.

Remember, you will also have to pay taxes on this bonus so if you need $1400, you might have to get a $2000 bonus to net the amount you need. Still, it is a fairly standard bonus for a high demand job.

Get A Donation

GoFundMe makes it easier than ever to get a donation if you have a good reason for it.

All that you need to do is sign up for an account and then you can set up a campaign in a matter of minutes. A picture and a good story will help make your campaign a bigger success. Once you are all set up, simply share your campaign on your Facebook page to start spreading the word.

Once donations start rolling in, you can withdraw the money at any time. You do not have to wait until all the money you need is in.  It takes 2 to 5 days to get your money when you make a withdrawal.

Obviously, a GoFundMe is not going to get you money for a new stereo but if you have a real financial emergency, it could do the trick.

Tina’s Last Word

There are a lot of ways to get $1400 if you need it. If a loan is the way that you ultimately go, just be careful. Read everything before you sign and make sure that the fees and/or interest are not too far out of line.

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