How To Get $1100

Have you found yourself in need of some quick money? $1100 can be a tough amount to get but we have some solutions for you. The easiest way to go about things is to get your money fast and then find some interesting ways to pay for it. A fast loan can get you the money you need to handle your situation and you may be able to qualify for it, even with less than perfect credit.

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Now that you have the money you need from your loan, we can look at how to pay back that loan super fast. Maybe you have enough money coming from your regular paycheck to take care of it, but if you are like most of us, your income can use a little boost. Here are some ways to get it.

Trim Your Bills

The best way to begin is always by cutting bills. Why kill yourself working when you can take the easy route and just curtail your spending a bit. Hopefully you have a budget that you can turn to, it will make this whole process so much easier. If not, just take a minute and sit down and write out all of your bills.

Once you have your list, just hit them one by one and see if there is a way to trim it down.

  • Cable/Satellite: Best thing to do is probably to cancel this service entirely and switch to Netflix or Hulu. Second best thing to do is to call your provider and threaten to quit. These companies are hurting so bad that they will most likely offer you a nice rate reduction.
  • Electricity: In some areas you are locked into one provider. In others, you can shop for a better rate. If you can shop, do so and secure the best rate possible. If you can not change providers, do everything that you can to reduce your electrical usage like install a programable thermostat or turn the heat on your water heater down.
  • Insurance: Call your agent and see if there are any discounts that you are missing. If no, get a few quotes from some competitors and see if they can lure you over with a cheaper premium. This is often the easiest way to cut expenses with people occasionally saving 250 dollars a year or more.
  • Misc: If its a bill, it can probably cut either by negotiation or by refinancing. Take a good hard look at everything else and see if there is any room to make a cut.

Walks Some Dogs

If you like pets, you can make a nice side income from dog walking and house sitting. There is definitely no shortage of demand for this service. When it comes to getting work, you have several choices.

First, you can put the word out to family and friends that you are offering pet sitting. If you have a big Facebook presence, this is a good source of new clients.

Second, you can advertise your service for free at places like Craigslist.

Third, and probably the best choice is to use a service like Rover. Rover will find you clients but they will take a cut. Nobody likes to give up part of their money but Rover will probably give you far more work than you could get on your own. I myself used Rover to find a nice lady to watch my Great Dane when I went on vacation. I think I paid about 200 bucks for the service. It works.

Buy & Sell

This is the ultimate way to hustle for extra money and it can be pretty darn fun too. Personally, I love going to garage sales because, well, I love a bargain. Your job will be to hit these sales and maybe sone thrift shops and look for the hidden gems. Buy them for pennies on the dollar and then take them home to clean them up.

You can then resell them at places like Craigslist, or better yet eBay for twice what you paid for it or more.

What you get out of this hustle is what you put into it, so never miss a garage sale and never pass a thrift store that you do not check out. With a little work, you could even pay off your entire 1100 dollar loan in just a single month.

Work For Amazon

Don’t know if you have heard or not but Amazon is now starting their employees at $15 an hour. That makes for a pretty nice part time wage. The most common job that they hire for is probably warehouse work and yes, this will keep you up on your feet a lot. The good news is though is that when you stay busy, time flies fast. This can make your part time job seem like nothing. It is a great way to pay off your $1100.

Food Service

A bunch of great ways to make money in food service.

The obvious one, if you are personable, is to wait tables. You can make a lot of good money if people like you and you can get an order out quickly. If you do not like people though, this job is not for you. You would end up hating them even more and you would not make much money.

Another great choice in this field is food delivery. You can either go with a local pizza place or the up and coming Uber Eats. Most people will probably enjoy working for Uber Eats more and you do not even have to have a car. You can also use a scooter or a bicycle to deliver. Best of all, you can get paid daily after setting up your bank account.

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