How To Get $700 Fast

Have you found yourself in money trouble and need $700 or more? Calm down, I can help. It really is not that hard to get this amount of money. The method you chose will just depend on how fast you need it. Let’t take a look at some of your options.

First, Let’s Look At $700 Loans

This might not be the best option, but it is the fastest. Need the money quickly? This is the best way to accomplish that. I can help yo by giving you access to the one of the biggest lender networks around. Even with bad credit a lender may be able to make you an offer. Luckily, it is free to find out.

Second, Sell on eBay

You can make a fortune selling on eBay. In fact, there are people who make a living just selling on eBay. You have two options here. One will get you money quickly and the other will help you find a long term money solution.

  • Making Money Now
    Your priority, if you are having an emergency should be getting money now so, let’s do that first. Take a look around your home and see what you have that you can sell. Probably nothing worth 700 dollars but you may have a bunch of little things that you can sell.
    For example, maybe you have an iPad laying around that you never really use. You bought it on impulse like so many do but fid you use your phone more than your tablet. Sell it on eBay and you could get an easy 300 dollars for it. That gets you well on your way to the money you need.
    Keep this up until you have the entire $700 that you need. Look for things that are easy to ship like smart devices, jewelry, video games, etc. Compact things are far easier and cheaper to ship.
  • Sustained Income
    Now, let’s take a look at how to make a nice part time job from selling on eBay. You have probably heard of the phrase “buy low and sell high.” This is what you will be doing.
    Look for items that you can buy cheap and sell high. This is easily done by going to garage sales, thrift shops and shopping on Craigslist. Look for deals and be able to barter. You can often snap up items for half the price that they are worth on eBay.
    To be good at this, you really need to pick a niche. If you know about handbags, for example, you would be in a good position to know what it is worth and spot the bargains.
    One you get good at doing this, the sky is the limit for your income.

Third, Save The Environment

Yep, you really can make money and save the environment at the same time. You can do this by recycling.

When most people think about recycling, they think about that green trash can where you put all of your paper products, plastic bottles and aluminum cans. Not a lot of money to be made there.

What you will be doing is recycling heavy metal. You might not know it but there are companies that specialize in recycling metal for profit. They take metal in and crush it to be sold back into manufacturing. Manufacturers will buy the material so that it can be reused. Why, because many metals are cheaper to recycle than to produce. The energy cost to make steel out of recycled metal, for example is much less than the cost to make new steel. This opens up the market for recycled metal.

So what kind of metal can you recycle for profit?

  1. Aluminum
    This can be cans, sheet aluminum, aluminum wiring, etc.
  2. Steel
    Scrap steel from car bodies, stainless steel, plate steel, etc.
  3. Copper
    Bright copper, copper wiring, etc.
  4. Brass
    Plumbers brass, bright brass, etc.
  5. Various
    Other metals such as tin, etc.

The list of recyclable materials that you can sell is extensive but before you make your search list, you should contact a few recycling yards in your area. Find out what they accept and the prices that they are currently paying.

Now, where to get your metal. The great thing about metal recycling is that people just throw metal away. You can usually find it littering the street. All you have to do is pick it up.

Another great place to find it is in neighborhoods. Look for piles of trash at the curb and see if there is any recyclable metal in it. If there is, make sure that it is really trash and then pick it up. Be sure to put the pile back together so that you leave everything nice and neat. The best days to find recyclable metal in neighborhoods is when they have bulk trash pick up days. You can can look at city websites to see what days those are.

Fourth, Get A Part Time Job

If you have time to wait, a part time job might make you money enough to get the job done. If time is key, you can also just take out a loan and then use a part time job to come up with the loan payment.

What is the best place to work then? Lucky for you, employment opportunities have never been better. Many companies are finding that it is extremely hard to attract employees. In an effort to staff their businesses, they have raised starting pay. Target and Walmart, for example, find themselves bidding against each other to lure in the most talent. Target is the winner so far with a starting hourly rate of $13 an hour. At that rate, you could get the $700 that you need in just a couple of months.

Employment opportunities abound, you just need to figure out what time you can work and what companies are operating at that time. If you have good past employment and references you can easily score a nice part time gig. Who knows, you might even like it enough to move over to it full time.

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