Get 200 Dollars As Fast As Today

A question mark about getting 200 dollars.

If you need 200 dollars and need it fast, you actually have more options than you might think. They range from the super fast and easy to those that will take a bit more doing. Let me show you some ways to get the money y0u need as soon as today.

Get It Online

We do everything online these days, including handling our money problems.

No, you are probably not thrilled about taking out a loan but it is the easiest sure way to get 200 bucks if you are in a bind. Besides, in a minute I will show you some ways to pay off that loan in a hurry.

As far as loans go, you have several options. If you need the money super fast, Check Into Cash might be the choice for you. You can fill out their short quote form online and, if approved, they will get you the money fast.

But what about if you have poor credit? Well, you have options too. One possibility is Bad Credit Loans and, as the name implies, they are used to working with bad credit. Even if you have been turned down before, they may be able to assist you. Plus, they can get you more than 200 dollars if you need more money to handle your particular situation.

If a loan is what you ultimately decide on, be sure of two things. Make sure that you really need the money and that you have the means to pay for that loan. And, speaking of paying off that loan, take a look below at some ways to get it paid off quick.

Get It By Selling Your Stuff

If you take a look around your home, you will probably see one, very clear thing. You are surrounded by a bunch of crap. How much of it do you use regularly and how much of it is just taking up space. If you need $200, take the opportunity to get that money by getting rid of the clutter.

So, what should you sell? What will get you the easiest and best return? Here are a few ideas.

Silver & Gold

The gold stores are always begging you to bring in your old jewelry. Now, if the jewelry has value as a whole piece, your best bet is to sell it on eBay. I am talking about the out of fashion fugly stuff. The stuff you just can’t sell. It still has value, by the gram.

If you go this route and you have quite a it of jewelry, you might want to get a few different estimates on the value. I am sure that you do not sell gold very often, so you do not want to get taken advantage of.

Video Games

Always in demand are video games. Whether it be a Nintendo Switch, Xbox or PS4, it is guaranteed to sell fast.

But where to sell it? One option is to sell it locally on places like Craigslist but this can be a huge headache. You have to deal with scammers and low-ballers and the whole ordeal will frustrate you to the core.

A better option is to sell it on eBay, but not as an auction. Who has 10 days to wait? No, so instead, take a look at what the final sales price of a similar auction is and then list your item as a buy it now listing. Price it at 10 percent below the auction final price and your item will probably sell within hours.


Furniture is another item that, if priced correctly, will sell quick. No, you are not going to get 1000 dollars for that used sofa but 200 dollars is certainly doable.

When it comes to furniture, you have no choice but to deal with locals. This means low ballers and scammers, so just use caution. List your item or items on Craigslist, LetGo and 5Mile. Just be sure to only accept cash and, if they are coming to your home, try to have someone else with you.

Another option to consider if you really do not want to deal with people and have something of high value is consignment. You simply take your piece to a consignment store, they sell it for you and give you a percentage of the sales price. You will lose some money going this route but it will be simpler.

Other Stuff

The things above will sell very quickly but that does not mean that other things will not as well. Take a look around and see what you have that might be of value to someone else. Used cameras, blu ray players, televisions, designer clothing, etc, etc. If you no longer want something, chances are good that at least one other person out there does.

Get It By Working

If you have time and can afford to wait a bit, perhaps working for the 200 dollars is the route that you should go. There are a lot of ways to make a quick buck in this world.


Driving for money can mean a lot of different things. It could be driving for a service like Lyft or Uber where they claim that you can make around $25 an hour.

If people are not your thing, perhaps you would rather deliver food. You may not make as much money, but sometimes a pizza is better company.

In either case, you can make the 200 dollars that you need in as little as 10 hours by driving to earn it.


Retail stores are always hurting got employees and these days, they pay well too. At stores like Walmart or Target, you can make the $200 that you need in about 15 hours. You can do that in as little as a week. It is a great way to get the money that you need or to simply pay off a loan.

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