Easy Ways To Save Money

If you are looking to make that budget work and save a little money, there ate lots of ways to do it. Making just a few small changes can help you save a lot of money. Here are some easy ways to cut your expenses.

Easy ways to save money

Switch To Water

If you currently drink soda, you probably drink at lest 4 a day, maybe more. Let’s do the math. 4 cans a day is 120 cans a month or 10 twelve packs at $4.99 a pack that is $49.90 a month in soda, let’s call it $50.

If you go to bottled water, you can get a 24 pack for $5 which would be $25 a month and that is a savings of $25 a month or $300 a year.

If you go with tap water, you can buy save the full amount of $50 a month which will work out to $600 a year.

Join A Warehouse Club

Warehouse club memberships run about $50 a year and will quickly pay for themselves.

Things like meat and produce are fairly priced but can often be had at grocery stores cheaper when they go on sale.

The real area that you will save is on dry goods, snacks, cleaning supplies, etc. By buying these items in bulk, you will cut your cost nearly in half.

In addition to the savings on food, you can also save on gas, travel and even new cars. Sam’s Club, for example, can get you new car rebates starting at $500. A fast 500 dollars pays for ten years of club memberships, pretty good deal.

Ditch Cable & Satellite

Everyone is doing it and for good reason. The way we watch television has changed dramatically. Everything we want to watch s on demand and we want to watch it on our schedule.

This means that we no longer need an expensive cable or satellite plan. You would enjoy a $10 a month streaming platform just as much as that $100 a month satellite subscription.

Cutting the cord, as they say, would save you $90 a month or over 1000 dollars a year. In addition, it might just get you off the couch a bit more.

Slash Your Grocery Bill

The biggest way to do that is shop the sales. If something non perishable goes on sale, stock up on it. If meat goes on sale, do the same and then put it in the deep freeze. Stores like to put one or two things on big discount to lure you in. When they do, go take advantage of it but skip the other stuff they try to push.

In addition, when you do your regular shopping, make a list. Nothing leads to more wasted money and wasted food than going off list. When you make your list, start the shopping trip at your pantry to make sure you are not buying things you already have.

Finally, switch to generics. They are often made by the same company that makes the name brand, just with a more boring label. Also check out stores like Aldi that save you a ton of money because they mainly stock just store brands.

Brown Bag It

If you eat out at lunch every day you are wasting at least $10 a day. That is $50 a week and a quick 200 dollars a month.

In addition to the money savings, you have the obvious health savings and the not so obvious time savings. Think about how much time you spend commuting to lunch and back, not to mention the time waiting for your order.

When you bring your lunch, it takes 15 minutes to eat it and then you have 45 minutes to do with as you please. Take a cat nap, catch up on social media or just get right back to work if you are a go getter.

Audit Your Bills

What I mean by this is take a look at all of your bills and see if there is a way to reduce them. You should do that once a year at least.

One big one is cat insurance as insurers often have new client discounts. Have you noticed that your insurance has slowly crept up a bit each year. Maybe it is time for a reset with a new carrier.

Another area of savings is with your credit card company. If you have been paying on time faithfully, perhaps it is time for an interest rate deduction. Are you paying an annual fee? Call and see if you can get that fee waived or at least reduced.

If you are stubborn and still have cable or satellite, you can still get some savings. Take advantage of the rash of cord cutters. Providers are losing market share rapidly and might make you a nice offer if you threaten to cancel your service. Best part is, you can probably get all of this done over online chat.

Delete Your Credit Cards Online

If you have your cards stored on your computer or shopping sites like Amazon, delete them. It is far too easy to make impulse buys when you can pay for them instantly.

Even if it takes just a few minutes to find your credit card and enter the information, that is time for you to come to your decision on bad purchases.

Implement A 24 Hour Rule

On purchases over a set amount, say $50 or $100 implement a 24 hour wait period. Often when you think about something overnight, you change your mind.  This rule will make it much harder for you to make impulse buys that you will regret.

Shop Daily Deal Websites

Not going out is not practical but you can save a lot of money on entertainment using the daily deal websites.

Businesses want to attract new clients and they will offer some drastic discounts to do so. Websites like Living Social and Groupon can get you deals for as much as 75% off of entertainment and dining.

The deals are always changing, so make it a point to check the websites often.

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