Are Surveys Worth Your Time?

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If you have ever done a search for how to make money online, you have probably come across paid surveys. Many people claim that paid surveys are the cure for all of your money problems, but are they or are they a waste of time? Let’s take a quick look at them and then you can decide for yourself.

Making Money With Surveys

The claim is that you can simply take a few paid surveys online and make hundreds of dollars every day. Sounds great, after all, who wouldn’t want to be able to make that kind of money from home. It is the American dream.

While you can make that kind of money online, survey taking is not the way. You simply can not make $50 to $100 per survey. They are just not out there. Having said that, you can make money, just not extreme amounts. Whether it is worth it for you will depend greatly on how much you value your free time.

Most survey websites use the point system where they pay out in points instead of dollars. A point is worth a penny in most cases. Why the point system? Because it makes the money seem higher. The average survey will pay out anywhere from 50 to 200 points. That sounds like much more than if it were to express it as a dollar amount. Wouldn’t you rather earn 50 points rather than 50 cents?

As you can see, the average survey price is actually somewhere between 50 cents and 2 dollars. Not a lot of money, but it can add up if you do enough of them. It is entirely possible to earn $20 now and then by doing surveys. It may take you all day to do that though.

Are Surveys Worth The Time?

That is a personal decision. It depends on how valuable your time is to you. Considering that the average survey pays less than 2 dollars and takes 10 to 20 minutes, you may make anywhere from 6 dollars to 12 dollars an hour. Not too bad if you have no other money making opportunities, but many people will find that the money is just not worth it.

Before making your decision, keep in mind another thing. That 6 to 12 dollars an hour is under ideal situations. You may make only half of that because of the run around that you get with surveys. They can waste a lot of your time, so let’s take a look at some of the problems with paid surveys online and how you can avoid them.

Problems With Survey Taking

There are a lot of obstacles in survey taking. If everything was cut and dry, you could make a decent hourly wage in your spare time, but it is not. Here are a few of the problems that you may encounter if you decide to give surveys a try.

  • Getting Disqualified For Surveys
    When you get started, you will quickly find out that just because you start a survey does not mean that you will get to finish it. Surveys often seek to qualify you by asking you questions at the beginning to see if you fit what they are looking for. This could be a few questions or dozens of questions. It is not uncommon to spend 5 to 10 minutes on a survey only to be disqualified for it.
    The only way to really get around this is with a little experience. You need to figure out the things that disqualify you and adjust. One example of this is your job. If you enter that yuo are in marketing or advertising, you will almost always get disqualified.
  • Trick Questions Can Get You Kicked
    Another thing that surveys like to do is ask you trick questions. They do this so that they can see if you are paying attention. One example of this is that the question might tell you to pick the third answer. If you pick the wrong one, it shows you are not paying attention and you will get kicked.
    There is an easy fix to this problem, pay attention. With practice, you can still save a bit of time and skim questions and still realize what they are asking. Avoid blindly choosing answers though, it won’t work out well for you.
  • Minimum Payouts Must Be Met
    In order to cash out your points, you must usually meet some sort of minimum payout. This might be 1000 points or it might be 2000 points or even higher. This can be a bit frustrating if you take a few surveys and then haven’t met the payout threshold. You may have used up all the high paying choices and be left with a lot of little surveys that you have to do in order to reach your minimum.
    The only real way to get around this little problem is to suck it up and do the little surveys. That is one of the problems with surveys, you might make your first 15 dollars in an hour but then it takes 4 hours to earn the last 5.

Tina’s Last Word

So, can you make money doing surveys? Yes, you can. Can you make a living off of them? No, no  way. Still, if you have time to kill and you need to make $50 or so in a month, they can do that for you.

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