About Me

Tips From Tina is here to help you with just about everything. Find tips on home life, kids, cooking, money and oh so much more.

This website is intended for entertainment purposes but that does not mean that I do not want you to walk away a little bit smarter than you arrived.

Who Is Tina?

Just your average every day homemaker. I am here to share the information that I have learned that has helped me take care of my home and family. Information on cleaning, raising kids, money, budgets and a lot more.

I hope that yo enjoy this content and even add to the conversation. Comments are always open.

Why Am I Here?

In short, I am here for everyone. This blog is more or less about scattershooting. With a general emphasis on home life, I hit all types of areas.

That means that you might find an article about home finance, making a budget or how to clean mildew from a shower.

If it relates to the home, I will probably eventually write about it.