How Can I Make $50 PayPal Fast?

Get $50 Or More Fast

Need $50 Fast? No problem. I have two sure fire methods for you. One is slower than the other but they both work.

1. The Slow Way

Surveys are a tried and true method for getting Paypal money online, The go to place for many is Swagbucks. They have a variety of ways to earn money, not just surveys and they also give you a free sign on bonus. If you need $50, it will realistically take you about a week to earn that much, just being honest. Still, they get you started with a free five bucks, so you might as well head over and claim it.

2. The Fast Way

Get a fast and free loan quote. It will not pay you in Paypal but it does one better, you can get your money sent electronically right to your bank account. Check Into Cash can get you the money pretty quick and it is free to get a quote online. It takes just a minute and there is no obligation, so why not get your loan offer and see if it works for you.

More Ways To Earn $50 PayPal Cash

No satisfied with the two methods above. Once again, not a problem. Here are some more ways to get your money.

  1. Review products and services.
  2. Earn cash for shopping.
  3. Get a signup bonus in PayPal.
  4. Cash in on old phones.
  5. Get money fast with a loan.
  6. Talk about what you know.
  7. Make money on eBay.

1. Review products and services.

Companies need your opinions in order to make their products better and they are willing to pay for them. All you need to do is find a legitimate survey website and you can take advantage of this and start earning your $50. Two great websites to start with are Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Both of these website have a proven track record of offering legitimate surveys and paying for them.

When you sign up for one of these websites, you will start earning money right away. Just signing up and filling out a profile will generally get you points. You can then start taking the surveys that you like and earn more points. When you accumulate enough points. you can exchange them for your $50 PayPal Gift Card. It is as easy as that.

2. Earn cash for shopping.

You shop for things on the internet all of the time. Did you know that you could be earning money just for shopping. That’s right, websites like MyPoints can help you earn while you shop.

We are not talking about obscure vendors either. Earn points for shopping at all of the places that you frequent like Home Depot, Best Buy and many other major retailers. Then take those points and exchange them for a $50 PayPal gift card. There is nothing better than earning money for something that you are going to do anyway.

3. Get a sign up bonus in PayPal.

Yep. get money just for signing up. Claim your $5 reward at Swagbucks and you will be well on your way to making the fifty buck that you need. It really is that simple. Just sign up with a valid email and the money will be in your account.

After you have your first $5, just take watch some videos, play some games or do some surveys and earn the rest of the money that you need. In no time, you will have all $50 and can cash out for a PayPal card. It is super quick to earn the money that you need because just about everything that you do on this website is monetized. Earn from surveys, from watching videos, from shopping and much more.

4. Cash in on old phones.

You might just be sitting on gold, PayPal gold. Your old cellular phones can fetch a hefty price if you sell them to the right company. The Gazelle website makes it easy to do just that.

All that you need to do is go to the website and enter the information about your phone’s model. Then, you will be made an offer on your phone. If you accept it, the company will send you a pre-paid shipping box that you can place your phone in. Once Gazelle receives it, they will pay you in the method of payment that you like. In this case, PayPal. You could easily earn $5o for your phone and might even score much more.

5. Get money fast with a loan.

We know, you want to earn the money. If you need it fast though, a loan might be your first stop. You can get your money and then start earning to pay it back. Luckily, getting a quote for a loan is easy and you can get up to $500 fast. Check it out and get your no obligation quote.

All that you need to qualify is a source of regular income and a checking account. Remember that loans have fees though so only take out as much as you need to get by. You will probably need to borrow a bit more than $50 to meet a minimum but not much more. Find out now.

6. Talk about what you know.

You are a consumer and you probably have lots of thoughts on the product and services that are out there. You can think of countless ways to improve them and make them better. Well, companies want this information and they are willing to pay you for it. You just need an intermediary.

One such intermediary is Survey Junkie. They can match you with companies looking for input on goods and services. When you take surveys on the website, your information will go right to companies who will use it to make improvements. They get to put a better product out and you get paid in points. Collect your points and cash them in on a $50 PayPal card. It is easy an repeatable. Make $50 or keep on earning and make much more.

7. Make money on eBay.

It is super easy to make money on eBay and if you just need $50 it will not take you that long. Look around your house and see what you have to sell. A piece of jewelry, a couple video games or maybe an old piece of electronics.

You can sell just about anything on eBay and make money so look careful. Have no idea what to sell? Just browse the eBay website and see what others are selling.

More Ways To Make $50

There are countless other ways to make $500 or more both online and locally. The above methods are ones that we have found to be reliable and easy. If you have any suggestions of ways to make $50 in cash or PayPal, we welcome your input. Please leave a comment below and if it is good, we will add it to the list.

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