$20 Date Night in Nashville

nashville-20-cheap-dateDating in Nashville can be quite expensive if you are trying to impress. Movies, shows, concerts, they all add up. Besides the expense, dates often get to be too much. Your date may be more turned on or off by the experience more than the person because you are doing too much and have too little time to talk and relate. Sometimes the simple dates are the best. Pick one inexpensive activity and stick with it.

But how do you find ideas for inexpensive dates when everything seems to just cost too much? The best way is through daily deal websites such as Groupon. Let me tell you what you could do right now as of the time I wrote this blog post.

  • Dinner for two at a Chinese restaurant for $12. That’s right $12 and that includes appetizers at a well reviewed Chinese establishment.
  • Dinner for just $14 at an Italian Restaurant.
  • A holiday bar crawl for $8 each.
  • A wine tasting for two for $10.

Pretty good selection and that just scratches the surface. So, if you are looking for a cheap date in Nashville for under $20 why not check out Groupon. Click here to see what deals are on now. 

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