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19 Ways To Keep Your House Smelling Nice

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Want to learn how to make your home smell good all of the time? Have pets and kids and think it is impossible? Nope, you can do it. Take a look at these 17 hacks that can keep your house or home smelling good all of the time. Learn to control odor in your home.

1) Bring In Some Fresh Air

Homes, especially modern ones, can get amazingly stuffy. These days homes are being made tighter and tighter to conserve energy. This is great for the electric bill, but it may not be so good for your nose.

It used to be that homes came with an amazing thing called an “attic fan”. It was a huge fan that would draw air up and out of the house. Combined with a few open windows, you could completely freshen all of the air in your home in minutes.

Attic fans are gone forever, but you can get similar results by using a window fan on one end of the home and opening up a few windows on the other side. It will create a nice cross breeze that will work far better than just opening a window by itself.

2) Clean Your Disposal

When was the last time that you cleaned your garbage disposal? It has probably been quite some time. Just think about what goes down there and you will realize that you could have some pretty serious odor issues.

Cleaning your disposal is an easy way to control odor in your home. One way to do it is by adding some ice cubes and lemon peels to it and let it work. Another, more effective way is to  use a disposal cleaner tab once or twice a month. The tabs provide a more through clean and are even fun to watch. If you have young kids, they will love it.

3) Empty The Garbage

It seems simple enough, but just emptying that garbage can regularly can make a huge difference. Sometimes odors from garbage cans can travel a pretty god distance from the source and you might not even know what the source is.

Try to change your kitchen garbage can bags on a daily basis and other cans throughout your home every few days. If you find yourself forgetful, invest in a garbage can with an odor control system.

4) Light A Candle

A candle sets a mood and can also do wonders for a stale home. The trick here is to buy quality candles. Cheap candles will generally have a lesser strength of fragrance and they may not last as long as well.

When lighting candles, be sure to not get carried away with quantity and to place them in an open space. Also, cut down the wicks from time to time to minimize soot.

5) Buy An Air Purifier

If you do not live in a climate where you can just open a window, the next best thing might be an air purifier. They consume very little electricity and the good ones are whisper quiet.

For best results with odor, choose one that also utilizes a carbon filter. They have to be replaced from time to time but they offer superior odor control.

6) Change Your HVAC Filter

You might be surprised at just how much odor in your home is caused by the HVAC air filter, especially if you have pets.

As you know, pet hair and dander gets everywhere. One of those places is your HVAC return where they wind up trapped in your air filter. The filter holds the hair and dander, but the odor will still get through and circulate through your home.

If you have a standard 1 inch filter, you should replace it at least once a month to control odor. They can last 2 to 3 months but if odor control is your goal, it is a cheap way to reach it.

Larger 4 inch air filters are too expensive to replace monthly, but if you think they are the culprit, consider switching to a reusable filter. Then you can clean it monthly without the added cost.

7) Add Some Fragrant Plants

Plants and flowers add beauty to your home, clean the air and add fragrance. Sure, you can buy cut flowers to keep in your home, but this can get expensive really quickly. Better to buy potted flowers that you can place strategically throughout your home.

Potted flowers will last longer and will freshen your air much better that cut flowers.

8) Clean Your Showers

One of the most neglected area in your home is the shower. This is for good reason, as they can be a pain to clean. What I like to do is keep a bottle of cleaner in the shower. When I take a shower, I can give the walls and floor a quick scrub and then take my bath. It takes just seconds and allow me to maintain it instead of trying to deep clean it.

9) Make Stove Top Potpourri

This is a great way to add some fragrance to your home, especially around the holiday season. There are a variety of stove top potpourri recipes online to choose one, so you should be able to find a scent that pleases you.

Use a pot to simmer your potpourri or, to make things easier, use a crockpot.

10) Use Your Bathroom Vent Fans

All modern homes have a bathroom vent, but they are rarely used. This is a shame because they can remove odors from your bathroom before they have a chance to escape into your house or home. Let’s face it, these are odors that you do not want to get out.

You are probably aware of the main time that your bathroom fan should run, but you should also be sure to run it while you shower. This can get rid of the humidity in the air that can also contribute to mildew odors.

The problem with bathroom fans is that you don’t want to use them because you know you will forget to turn them off. The solution is to add an inexpensive timer to your vent fan.

11) Mop Your Floor

It is amazing what a good scented floor cleaner will do to your home.

Think about what is being tracked on to that floor on a daily basis. If you have dogs, it might make you cringe. A weekly mopping might not be enough to control the soil and the odor.

Do a weekly mopping of all of your hard surfaces and then add an extra mopping for your kitchen. This is bound to be the biggest odor offender in the home and, as the center of hour home, it is a great place to lay down a nice scent.

For best results, take your time on the cleaning isle and pick out a scent you love. It will make the result more appealing and give you more motivation to mop.

12) Clean Out The Refrigerator

If you have a strange kitchen odor that you just can not place, it might just be the fridge. Rotten produce, meat gone bad and milk way past its best use date can create quite a scent. Every time that door opens, a bit of it wafts out.

Make it a point to run through that refrigerator at least once a month. Eliminate all of those expired food, leaky liquids and mushy produce before they stink up your home.

13) Burn Some Incense

No, incense did not die off with the 70’s, it is still very much around.

If you want to add some instant fragrance to your home, few things work as fast and circulate as well as burning incense.  For best results, get a variety of scents so that you do not get bored with them.

14) Vacuum Your Carpet Regularly

Nobody likes to do this, but if you have pets, it is a must.

Gravity assures us that everything falls to the floor which makes vacuuming your carpet and rugs crucial. If you have pets, you literally can not vacuum enough. Once a week is the minimum that you should be vacuuming your floors. To make the most of your time, sprinkle a bit of baking powder on the carpet and allow it to sit a few hours. The powder will absorb odors and you can then vacuum them out with a good vacuum.

If you simply do not have the time or can not stand vacuuming, consider one of the new generation robotic vacuums. They have become much more effective and a whole lot cheaper.

15)Take Advantage Of Essential Oils

Essential oils can be used in a variety of ways. The most common way is in a diffuser, used to spread the scent throughout your home.

Another way to use essential oils is for spot odor control. A dab or two here ad there can help eliminate problem areas. One example is to place a couple of drops on that toilet paper holder. A few drops goes a long way, so don’t get carried away.

16) Bake Some Cookies

Few things make a home smell as good as baked goods. This could be cookies, muffins or perhaps a fresh loaf of bread. Choose something that you are good at or try some new recipes.

The great thing about baking is that the odor lingers for hours and hours, even after the treats are completely consumed. If you ever go into a house of someone who bakes all of the time, you know how pleasant this can be.

17) Flush Those Nasty Drains

Hopefully , you have never had the pleasure of opening up a drain trap to find a lost ring or to clear a clog. If you have, you know how bad that odor is and that same odor might be filtering back into your home.

Take the time to clean out those drains once a month to eliminate the odor. Skip the toxic cleaners though. Instead, pour boiling water down the drain. It will melt the fat that is keeping the gunk in place and flush it clean.

18) Clean Your Shoes

Their job is to go on feet, so they are obviously going to be a potential source of odor. Just because you keep them in a closet does not mean that they will not cause odor throughout your home. Odors in a home can be a mixture of many sources. Your HVAC system mixes the air up in your home, so it could be a little odor from here and a little odor from there causing your problem

Many shoes can simple be placed in the washing machine, but check the label to be sure. If they are not machine washable, shoe odor can also be cured with odor eaters or charcoal odor bags.

19) Take Care Of Your Towels

Reusing your towels is a great thing for the environment, but it can have odor consequences. Anything that holds on to moisture can create odor and a musty smell. If you do re-use towels, be sure to hang them on a proper rack that allows them the room to dry quickly.

Also, do not get carried away, you can only reuse them so many time before it becomes an issue. Re-use them once and then put them into the wash. In addition, make towel washing a priority so that they do not sit in the laundry bin, wet, causing odor.

19 Hacks To Make Your Home Smell Good

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