How To Get $1000 Fast

Get 1000 dollars now

Do you need a quick $1000? If so, Tina can help. There are a lot of ways to get 1000 dollars and many of them are quick and easy. The easiest way is of course a loan an I can help you get a quote for that. If after you see your offer, you decide […]

Should You Buy A Home In Winter?

Buying a house in winter

The time of year that you purchase your home makes a big difference. Some people will argue that the Summer is the best time to make a deal on a new home, but there is an argument that Winter is better. Of course, buying in the winter is just as hard as selling. The weather […]

How To Save On Household Expenses

Saving on home expenses.

The money that you spend to maintain your home is probably the biggest part of your budget. While there is probably not that much that you can quickly do about the rent or mortgage you pay, the rest can be improved upon. Here are some Tips From Tina on how to lower several of your […]

Pay Off Your Credit Cards Fast

Debt from credit cards

If you have credit crd debt, it will probably come to no surprise to you that it is commonly referred to as the worst kind of debt that you can have. Interest rates average over 17 percent across the country with many rates being much higher. It is not unheard of to find credit cards […]

How To Change Your Finances now

Cutting expenses and costs.

Ready to make a big change in your finances? There is no better time than now to act and you can make some changes that can actually improve your situation almost immediately. Tina is here to help you with some simple things that you can do now to get your money picture in order. 1) […]

How To Get A Loan For A Food Truck

Food from a food truck

The food truck niche is still alive and well. In fact, it has gained more acceptance and grows more and more profitable every day. It is a fantastic and low overhead way for a person or company to get their brand out there. For a new business, financing your food truck can be difficult, especially […]

What Are Some Useful & Unusual Insurance Policies?

Insurance policies

You can insure just about anything these days. Insurance goes far beyond car insurance and health insurance. Here are some different policies that you might find helpful in particular situations. Pet Insurance If you are the type of person that would do anything for their pet, insurance might be a good deal for you. Critics […]

What Are Financial Questions To Ask Your Future Spouse

Getting married

If you are getting married soon, your world is about to change in a big way. If you do not know your spouses finances, it could be in an even bigger way than you think. Tina is here to help you out with a few questions that you need to ask and get the answers […]

How To Save On Groceries

Saving On Food

Your food budget is something that can easily get out of control in no time. When you go shopping, everything is designed to work against you saving money. Retailers are smart and if you think that they do anything by accident, you are wrong. Luckily, you can combat their tricks and save big on your […]

Do I Need Life Insurance?

Life insurance policy

The decision of whether or not to take out life insurance is a tough one. It is, after all, yet another expense to take on. Below is a very general discussion on when you should get life insurance. For a more in depth analysis, you should consider talking to a licensed insurance agent. The main […]

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