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As a parent, I know that one of the greatest things to get your baby is a jumper. A good jumper will stimulate your baby, help them build strength and will give you a little break as well. Choosing the right jumper is no easy task as there are a ton of them on the market. I looked at dozens of baby jumpers and came up with one clear winner. Drum roll please. For 2018, my pick is the Fisher Price Jumperoo. There are a lot of reasons to give the top pick to this great jumper. Check it out.

This is above all an activity jumper. They will not sit and jump if there are not some great things to do and interact with. There are hanging toys, a bobble elephant, a swinging monkey, a rattle lizard, a spinner drum and more. Music can be activated by the child or it can be set to run continuously for several minutes. In short, there is enough to do to keep your baby stimulated and happy.
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We have all seen those kids toys where comfort was not a priority. This is not the cash with the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It comes with a soft (machine washable) seat pad, safe spring coves to keep fingers safe and the seat easily rotates 360 degrees. As an added bonus, the seat can be purchased separately in case of damage or “irreversible staining”. The jumper also features three height settings for easy adjustment as your baby grows.
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We want to be able to take our jumpers with us and our vehicles are already full of other baby gear. Many jumpers on the market do not fold once assembled, making them bulky and not transportable. A good jumper must fold for easy transport. This one does just that making it easy to carry and fit through doorways, etc.
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Nobody wants to be the guinea pig, especially with their child. The best way to pick any product is by looking at the reviews. That is, of course, why you are looking at my review here. With over 6000 reviews on Amazon, this product has a five star review. Hard to argue with that.
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In Conclusion
You can not go wrong with the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It is a well thought out product that has stood the test of time.


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