Products For Incontinent Dogs

We love our four legged friends but sometimes, they need a little help. As the years go by, dogs just like humans can have problems with incontinence. At that time, you need to balance your love with your dog for your love for not being surrounded by dog pee.

If your dog has started to lose control, here are some of the best products available that can help you deal with the situation. I hope one of them helps you.

  • Bladder Function Tablets
    Naturally derived tablets can help your adult dog and spayed female dog regain control of their bladder. A good alternative to expensive and irritating vet prescribed drugs.
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  • Disposable Dog Wraps
    If you can not control it, you can at least keep it from getting on your carpet and furniture. These disposable wraps are affordable and wick moisture away from your dog to keep their skin from getting irritated.
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  • Sanitary Dog Panties
    An alternative for female dogs. Machine washable so they can be reused again and again.
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  • Male Dog Diapers (Washable)
    A fashionable and reusable choice for your male dog. Wash them and use them over and over again.
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