Products For Incontinent Dogs

We love our four legged friends but sometimes, they need a little help. As the years go by, dogs just like humans can have problems with incontinence. At that time, you need to balance your love with your dog for your love for not being surrounded by dog pee.

If your dog has started to lose control, here are some of the best products available that can help you deal with the situation. I hope one of them helps you.

  • Bladder Function Tablets
    Naturally derived tablets can help your adult dog and spayed female dog regain control of their bladder. A good alternative to expensive and irritating vet prescribed drugs.
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  • Disposable Dog Wraps
    If you can not control it, you can at least keep it from getting on your carpet and furniture. These disposable wraps are affordable and wick moisture away from your dog to keep their skin from getting irritated.
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  • Sanitary Dog Panties
    An alternative for female dogs. Machine washable so they can be reused again and again.
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  • Male Dog Diapers (Washable)
    A fashionable and reusable choice for your male dog. Wash them and use them over and over again.
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Best Products For Drafty Windows

There is nothing worse than a drafty window. In the summer it lets out much needed air conditioning and in the winter, the gusts of cold air can send a chill through your body. Taking care of those drafty windows has a number of benefits.

  • It will save you money on your heating and air conditioning bill.
  • It will make your home more comfortable.
  • It will make your home quieter.
  • It will prevent bugs from accessing your home.

But how are you supposed to take care of those drafts. Here are some of the top products that I have found to take care of the job.

  • 3M Indoor Window Insulation Kit
    What makes it great? This kit provides enough material to seal up to five windows. Installation is super easy, even if you are not handy. First you simply cut the film to the size of the window (plus an extra inch on each side). Next you apply the mounting tape to the frame of the window. You then attach the fil to the double sided mounting tape and you have a sealed window. Wen stretched tight, the film is clear, giving you unobstructed views.
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  • 36″ Draft Stopper
    What makes it great? If the draft is coming from just the lower window edge, this may be all that you need. Simply drop it in place and cut the draft quickly with no adhesive and really not much effort at all.
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  • Black & Decker Leak Detector
    What makes it great? If you know you have a leak but just can not pinpoint it, this inexpensive thermal leak detector will do the trick. Find the exact source of your problem so that you can repair a seal, caulk or otherwise block that annoying draft.
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  • Duck Brand Self Adhering Weatherstrip
    What makes it great? It is easy to apply and can seal large gaps on windows. In many cases, drafts are simply caused by worn weatherstripping and this can solve your problem quickly.
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Diaper Genie Alternative – Wishing For A Better Solution

The diaper genie is marketed as the end all be all of diaper disposal units but they are flawed. Not flawed from a manufacturing standpoint. After all, they do as advertised but they cost parents a lot of time and sometimes aggravation. This is especially true if you are dealing with multiples or many kids in diapers at the same time.

So what is the problem? If you are dealing with a lot of diapers you have two main problems.

  1. You will be changing the diaper genie bag all of the time.
    It only holds so many diapers and there is nothing worse than needing to dispose of a diaper and finding out that it is full. Worse yet, you go to put a diaper in it and discover that you are at the end of the roll and the whole bag plummets into the abyss of the diaper genie.
  2. You will be buying diaper genie refills all of the time.
    These are not cheap and the cost will add up. Not to mention you have the inconvenience of having to add them to your shopping list, sometimes heading to the store just for genie refills.

But what are you supposed to do. Without a diaper genie your house will smell so foul that nobody will ever visit. This is of particular concern for those of us with formula fed babies. Whew, what do they put in that stuff.

No worries, I have a solution and it involves just a few things. Here is what you need.

  1. Rubbermaid Step On Trash Can With Lid
    In a 13 gallon size, it accepts regular trash bags that are much cheaper than diaper genie refills.
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  2. Glad Force Flex Odor Control Trash Bags 
    These trash bags are nearly indestructible and will control odor
    Check Prices on Amazon 
  3. Arm & Hammer Stick Ups 
    Assurance against additional odors.
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Once you have everything, simply install at trash bag and attach a stickup to the underside of the lid. Between the odor control bags and the stick ups, odor should be no issue. With the capacity of the larger 13 gallon bags, you will not be changing your diaper can near as often. When you do, the bags will be WAY cheaper.

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Best Betta Fish Bowls

Betta Fish. People love these decorative little guys. If you are one of the people who love Bettas and can somehow keep them alive for more than a month, you might be looking for the ultimate Betta Fish bowl or fish tank. Here are some of my best choice for you. Unique tanks that will highlight the beauty of your pet.

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Back Pain From Office Chairs

The common office chair can cause problems for even the best back. The static pressure that the spine is under when sitting in an office chair for hours can be tremendous. It can make a good back sore and a bad back unbearably painful. If you have an office job, you might think that you have to just suck it up and take it. Maybe get up every hour os so and walk around to alleviate the pain. I have another solution for you. You can get one of the many specialized office chairs available. Chairs designed to reduce or eliminate spinal and leg stress completely. Here are my top choices.

  • Gaiam Balance Ball Chair
    This chair uses the same type of balance ball that you might see at the gym. It contains the ball on a strong frame with casters. It is designed to eliminate spinal stress and help you build a healthier back.
    Check Prices on Amazon.
  • Safco Zenergy Ball Chair
    Similar to the ball chair above with a non rolling base and an atttractive color. This one will fit in better with more sophisticated offices and is well suited for non office use in a living or dining area.
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  • Healthy Back Kneeling Chair
    Gives you an upright posture while working that correctly aligns your spine. Features memory foam for comfort.
    Check Prices on Amazon
  • Comfort Orthopedic Memory Foam Cushion
    Stuck with a standard office chair, you can still get help. These chair pads are designed to eliminate pressure on your spine with the combination of memory foam and a special cutout for your tailbone.
    Check Prices on Amazon.
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Are Robotic Vacuums Any Good?

If you are looking at vacuum cleaners, and doing your research like you should, you have probably come across robotic vacuum cleaners. The most famous in the list is the Roomba. They are oh so tempting. The idea of never having to vacuum again is such a dream. These vacuums are not for everyone though. Some will love them and some will consider them an extremely expensive mistake. Is one of these time savers for you? Keep reading and find out.

iRobot Roomba

A Robotic Vacuum Cleaner May Work If

  • You do not have a lot of pets.
    Too many pets will leave too much pet hair on the ground. Robotic vacuums have limited vacuum power and capacity when compared to standard upright vacuums.
  • You have a lot of hard surfaces.
    Lets face it, they work much better on hard floors than carpet.
  • You keep a neat house.
    They handle the vacuuming but they do not pick up clothes and clutter. A messy house will wreak havoc on your vacuums ability to navigate.
  • You have a small household.
    The less people that you have in your home, the easier it is for your vacuum to navigate and handle the soil.

ILIFE Robotic Vac

A Robotic Vacuum May NOT Work If

  • You have more than one pet.
    Too many pets produce too much hair and dander. They can overwhelm a robotic vacuum which has less capacity than standard vacuums.
  • You have stairs.
    No robotic vacuum can clean stairs. You would need to get two robotic vacuums and a standard vacuum to do your stairs if you have a multi-level home.
  • You have many levels in your home.
    Do you have a sunken living room or other variations in floor height? A robotic vacuum may not be able to handle the terrain.

Samsung Robot Vacuum

Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Tips

  • Start off with a good traditional vacuuming.
    Robotic vacuums accomplish their goal through frequent light vacuuming. Start off with a clean floor so that your vacuum can maintain it instead of struggling to clean it.
  • Empty Your Vacuum Often
    Try to empty the dust cup on a daily basis. Robotic vacuums are small with limited carrying capacity.
  • Keep clutter off of the floor.
    Obstructions can cause havoc on your vacuum. Keep clothes and other clutter off of the floor.

Top Picks For Robotic Vacuums

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$20 Date Night In Austin

austin-cheap-dateDating in Austin, TX can be expensive. The sky is the limit when it comes to potential spending but expensive dates are not always the way to go. Are you trying to impress your date with how much money you can spend or do you want them to get to know you? A better approach to dating is to go cheap and see if the two of you connect. To help you out, here is how you can have a cheap date for under $25 in Austin. Yes, it really is possible.

The trick to dating on the cheap is to look for deals. There are always new places opening that are giving out deals in order to establish themselves. They will provide their services for next to nothing in hopes that you come back and tell your friends. In addition, because they are new, they are often trendy new additions to the city and you and your date could be the first to hit popular locations. To find these places, check Groupon. Here is an example of what is on there right now, right now being when this post was written.

  • Entry for two to the Austin Toy Museum for $10. Who doesn’t like reminiscing about their youth.
  • A 2 hour canoe rental for just $15. Tour Lady Bird Lake and get to know eachother.
  • $14 for admission for two to the Austin Zoo.
  • Admission for two to the Austin Aquarium with activity tokens, just 20 Bucks.
  • Austin Spurs, minor league basketball tickets, for just $9 a piece.

As you can see, there are a lot of cool cheap things to do in Austin. Why not check out what is available right now on Groupon. Click here to check out current deals. 

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$20 Date Night In Minneapolis

minneapolis-cheap-datesAre you single in Minneapolis and looking for a cheap date night idea? Are you married with kids and need an inexpensive night out. Believe it or not, you can have a good time in the city for cheap because there are always deals to be had. Here is how you can find a cheap date in Minneapolis.

The trick to finding a cheap date night is to look at the daily deal websites. These are full of businesses trying to make a name for themselves. To do this, they are willing to slash the prices on their services. Here is an example of some of the things you can find on Groupon. (All of the items below were current deals as of the writing of this post.)

  • Distillery tour for two, just $14.
  • Two hours of bowling for $18.
  • Wine and cheese tasting for two, $20.
  • Dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant, $12.
  • Two tickets to the Crayola experience for $19.98. Different and fun.
  • Admission for two to the Museum of Russian Art, $9.

That is just a very small sample of what is going on in Minneapolis for cheap. There are literally hundreds of other great deals to chose from. Why not check out the Groupon website and see what is trending now. Click here to check out current deals. 

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$20 Date Night in Sacramento

sacramento-cheap-datesThe Sacramento dating scene is exciting but it is also very expensive. You could blow hundreds of dollars on a date and not get to know anyone any better than you could on a cheap date. In fact, you are probably more likely to connect with someone on a low key cheap date than you are on a big expensive extravaganza. A cheap date is often slower paced and much more casual.

So, what exactly is cheap and how do you find cheap date ideas. Well, let’s set our budget at $20 and to find dating ideas we are going to look at daily deal sites. I like Groupon. Here is what you can do on Groupon right now, as of the writing of this post, for under $20.

  • Tickets to Fairytale Town. What a great whimsical date idea. Tickets are just $12 total during the week and $15 on the weekend on Groupon.
  • Roller skating for two, just $13. Can’t skate? Even better.
  • Wine and appetizers, just $20 for two.
  • How about an urban scavenger hunt for two for just $20.
  • Two ours of bowling, just $18.
  • Mexican dinner for two, just $16.

That is just the beginning of the deals available. You literally have a hundred options here so you can find a cheap date that fits anyone. Want to see what is available now? Click here to check out the current deals at Groupon. 

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$20 Date Night in Nashville

nashville-20-cheap-dateDating in Nashville can be quite expensive if you are trying to impress. Movies, shows, concerts, they all add up. Besides the expense, dates often get to be too much. Your date may be more turned on or off by the experience more than the person because you are doing too much and have too little time to talk and relate. Sometimes the simple dates are the best. Pick one inexpensive activity and stick with it.

But how do you find ideas for inexpensive dates when everything seems to just cost too much? The best way is through daily deal websites such as Groupon. Let me tell you what you could do right now as of the time I wrote this blog post.

  • Dinner for two at a Chinese restaurant for $12. That’s right $12 and that includes appetizers at a well reviewed Chinese establishment.
  • Dinner for just $14 at an Italian Restaurant.
  • A holiday bar crawl for $8 each.
  • A wine tasting for two for $10.

Pretty good selection and that just scratches the surface. So, if you are looking for a cheap date in Nashville for under $20 why not check out Groupon. Click here to see what deals are on now. 

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