Need Some Extra Money? Paid Surveys?

Can you really make money from paid survey taking? Well some websites would tell you that you can.In particular Big Dog Paid Surveys goes to great length to instruct you on how to make money online with surveys. Here is what they say you need to do.

  1. Open a new email address.
    Sure, you can use your current email address but there is always the risk of SPAM. Nobody wants to get overloaded with the stuff. Whether in a can or in your email box, SPAm is never good.
  2. Head over to their website and pick up their list of trusted websites.
    Not every website out there is good and quite frankly, many of them are scams. Choose trusted websites that have been around for awhile.
  3. Fill out your profile.
    Take the time to tell the survey website about yourself and you may get better surveys to take. They might pay more or at least be more interesting to you.
  4. Take the best surveys first.
    Look at the time involved and the pay to determine the best effective hourly rate. If a survey pays $10 and takes 30 minutes, it has an hourly rate of $20. Start with the best paying surveys and work down, the pay rates do vary.
  5. Cash out often.
    You never know when a website could go under or you could accidentally run afoul of the terms and conditions. Anyway, you do not get more money for letting your points ride so cash out often.
  6. Repeat.
    Keep going back for a few extra bucks whenever you need it.

Big Dog Paid Surveys makes it clear that you will not replace a full time income with surveys. If you are just looking for a little extra money and have reasonable expectations though, you should not be disappointed.

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