Make Your Home Look Occupied

Going on vacation and want to make your house look live someone is there? It is one of the best was to prevent a break in. Thieves will always choose the easier target si if they think your home is occupied, they are far less likely to try to help themselves to some of your things. If you want to make your home look occupied, here are 7 things that you should consider doing.

  1. Have Mail & Newspapers Picked Up
    Ask a friend or neighbor to drop by and pick up your mail, door hangers and newspapers. Can’t find anyone to do this? You could always run by the post office and have them hold your mail. They won’t stop by and remove your newspapers and door hangers though.
  2. Use Timers To Turn On Your Lights
    Plug in timers are cheap and easy to setup. Timers like this one from Amazon, can be used to turn on and off lights making it seem natural. It takes just seconds to program these things and when you get back, you can use them for a number of things around the house.
  3. Park A Car In The Drive
    An empty driveway is a sign that nobody is home, especially if you have no garage or just an exposed carport. I once had a house broken into and they caught the kids who did it. They said that they chose the house because there were no cars in the drive. Leave a car exposed or tell that neighbor who parks in the street that they can park there while you are gone.
  4. Disconnect Your Phone
    If you still have a land line, disconnect it. A phone ringing off the hook tells everyone that you are not at home.
  5. Leave A Radio On
    A radio will not use much electricity but it can make it seem like someone is occupying your house. Silence screams of emptiness.
  6. Arrange For The Lawn To Be Cut
    If you do the lawn yourself, either cut it right before you leave or schedule someone to cut it for you. A maintained home looks lived in.
  7. Use Security Cameras
    Okay, this doesn’t make your home look lived int but it does deter thieves. Think about putting up a cheap dummy camera like this or investing in an affordable home security camera system like this one.
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One comment on “Make Your Home Look Occupied
  1. Erin says:

    Great tips. I am thinking about getting some dummy cameras myself.

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