Henes Broon F830

It’s not often that we review ride on toys, but this one caught my eye and I just had to share. It is the F830 from Henes Broon and at first the close to $900 price tag seems a bit outrageous. It is a kids toy after all. When you take a minute to look at the features of this ride on however, it becomes clear that this thing might actually be underpriced. That’s right, a $900 ride on is underpriced. This thing comes with a working hood, trunk and doors, gas shocks, a removable android tablet, leather wrapped bucket seat and more programmable;e features than you can list here. Just check out the introduction video from the company. It is a bit lengthy at 5 minutes but it is worth your time. (Note: They also offer a truck, the T870.)

If you watched the whole video, you have probably come to the conclusions that I have. One, I want to buy it and Two I want to see if I can fit in it myself. This thing has more features then my car. Real rubber tires, multi link steering, gas shocks, coil springs, a bluetooth remote and everything is fully programable so it can grow with your kid. Use the remote at first to drive them around and then let them take the controls while limiting the speed until you feel like they can handle everything. The perfect vehicle and I have no doubt that you could sell it for 75% of the retail price when they are done with it. With everything this thing has to offer, it makes the average $300 plastic ride on from Toys R Us seem overpriced

Check it out on Amazon and get free shipping. That is quite a deal because this thing is almost 4 feet long.

F830 in black on Amazon.

F830 in white on Amazon.

F830 in red on Amazon.

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  1. Suzie says:

    With fully functional headlights, taillights, and blinkers, the Henes Broon F870 can be used as the world’s greatest night light.

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