Gifts For People You Hate

When the holidays and birthdays roll around, we sometimes feel obligated to get people gifts. Even if you do not like them. That makes it especially painful because you want to meet your obligation but you do not necessarily want them to enjoy your gift. To that end, here are some great gifts to give people that you do not like. Oh and if you have ever received any of these gifts, this might tell you something about how people feel about you. Enjoy.

  1. Glitter Bomb Card
    They will be finding glitter in their house for weeks. Give that person you do not like the gift that they can not possibly forget. Guaranteed to annoy.
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  2. Give A Star
    Nothing is more useless than naming a star after someone. Especially when the institution that you name the star through has no authority whatsoever to actually name stars.
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  3. Buttered Popcorn Tin
    The gift of last resort around the holidays. Nothing says I know nothing about you and do not like you like the popcorn tin. And none of that cheddar or caramel stuff, they might actually like that. This one is full of just buttered popcorn.
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  4. Funeral Planning Book
    Nothing says “I hope you die” like the gift of┬áthis finely written funeral planning book.
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  5. Poop Pillow
    Who doesn’t like a nice big steamy pillow.
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  6. Corded Phone & Answering Machine
    Can’t think of a more useless item these days. You are sure to get a hearty thank you from the one you hate with this thoughtless gift.
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  7. I Hate You Shirt
    Why beat around the bush.
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2 comments on “Gifts For People You Hate
  1. Mira says:

    I remember seeing those commercials on tv about naming a star….too funny.

  2. Jill R says:

    Nothing worse than getting the can of popcorn at xmas.

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