Diaper Genie Alternative – Wishing For A Better Solution

The diaper genie is marketed as the end all be all of diaper disposal units but they are flawed. Not flawed from a manufacturing standpoint. After all, they do as advertised but they cost parents a lot of time and sometimes aggravation. This is especially true if you are dealing with multiples or many kids in diapers at the same time.

So what is the problem? If you are dealing with a lot of diapers you have two main problems.

  1. You will be changing the diaper genie bag all of the time.
    It only holds so many diapers and there is nothing worse than needing to dispose of a diaper and finding out that it is full. Worse yet, you go to put a diaper in it and discover that you are at the end of the roll and the whole bag plummets into the abyss of the diaper genie.
  2. You will be buying diaper genie refills all of the time.
    These are not cheap and the cost will add up. Not to mention you have the inconvenience of having to add them to your shopping list, sometimes heading to the store just for genie refills.

But what are you supposed to do. Without a diaper genie your house will smell so foul that nobody will ever visit. This is of particular concern for those of us with formula fed babies. Whew, what do they put in that stuff.

No worries, I have a solution and it involves just a few things. Here is what you need.

  1. Rubbermaid Step On Trash Can With Lid
    In a 13 gallon size, it accepts regular trash bags that are much cheaper than diaper genie refills.
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  2. Glad Force Flex Odor Control Trash Bags 
    These trash bags are nearly indestructible and will control odor
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  3. Arm & Hammer Stick Ups 
    Assurance against additional odors.
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Once you have everything, simply install at trash bag and attach a stickup to the underside of the lid. Between the odor control bags and the stick ups, odor should be no issue. With the capacity of the larger 13 gallon bags, you will not be changing your diaper can near as often. When you do, the bags will be WAY cheaper.

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