CCTV Cameras For Home & Small Business

There is no replacement for feeling secure in your home or office. One of the best ways to get that secure feeling is with a CCTV system. A security camera system will allow you to monitor your home or office in real time as well as review footage when you are away. If you are considering a system, you must first think about the system size. In our opinion, you should not consider a system that is not expandable to at lest 8 cameras. You might think one or two cameras will do, but you will soon see that more will be needed to cover every angle. To that end, here is our list of the best CCTV camera systems to consider.

  • Zosi 8 Channel 720P System
    Our top spot goes to this affordable system by Zosi  with eight 720P cameras and DVR. Well reviewed and affordable.


  • Annke 8 Channel With 720P Cameras
    This system comes with a 1080P capable 1 TB receiver and 8 720P weatherproof cameras. The system allows you to watch your cameras on your smartphone from any location. In addition, video compression allows you to record 600 hours of continuous video.
    We like this system because it has good reviews and nice smartphone integration.


  • Zosi 1080P CCTV System
    Looking for a full 1080P system for better quality? This might be the one for you. This comes with 8 1080P weatherproof, night vision cameras and a 2TB DVR. Customize the system to alert you when activity that you specify is recorded, like movement in certain areas.
    We like this system because it is priced competitively for a system with 1080P cameras.

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