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Gifts For People You Hate

When the holidays and birthdays roll around, we sometimes feel obligated to get people gifts. Even if you do not like them. That makes it especially painful because you want to meet your obligation but you do not necessarily want

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$20 Date Night In Austin

Dating in Austin, TX can be expensive. The sky is the limit when it comes to potential spending but expensive dates are not always the way to go. Are you trying to impress your date with how much money you

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$20 Date Night In Minneapolis

Are you single in Minneapolis and looking for a cheap date night idea? Are you married with kids and need an inexpensive night out. Believe it or not, you can have a good time in the city for cheap because

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$20 Date Night in Sacramento

The Sacramento dating scene is exciting but it is also very expensive. You could blow hundreds of dollars on a date and not get to know anyone any better than you could on a cheap date. In fact, you are

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$20 Date Night in Nashville

Dating in Nashville can be quite expensive if you are trying to impress. Movies, shows, concerts, they all add up. Besides the expense, dates often get to be too much. Your date may be more turned on or off by

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