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Top 5 Mattress Toppers

Looking for a better nights sleep and have an old or possibly cheap mattress? Before you spend a thousand dollars or more on a replacement, check out one of these inexpensive and highly effective mattress toppers. All of the toppers

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Make Your Home Look Occupied

Going on vacation and want to make your house look live someone is there? It is one of the best was to prevent a break in. Thieves will always choose the easier target si if they think your home is

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Best Products For Drafty Windows

There is nothing worse than a drafty window. In the summer it lets out much needed air conditioning and in the winter, the gusts of cold air can send a chill through your body. Taking care of those drafty windows

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Are Robotic Vacuums Any Good?

If you are looking at vacuum cleaners, and doing your research like you should, you have probably come across robotic vacuum cleaners. The most famous in the list is the Roomba. They are oh so tempting. The idea of never

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Ironing Tips

Ironing, most of us hate to do it and would rather get it over with as soon as possible. Here is a collection of ironing tips that will help you do just that. You should iron clothes when they are

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Easy Way To Keep Flies Out

There is nothing more annoying than those little flying pests. They get in the house and can be a devil to get rid of. What is worse is their hit and run tendencies. The love to land on your arms

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Should I Buy A Bradford or Cleveland Pear?

If you are considering an ornamental pear tree and have been to the big box stores, you have probably noticed both Bradford and Cleveland pears. The trees seem quite promising with their uniform shape and great fall and spring color.

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A Great Little Portable Backup Generator

If you have ever been without power for an extended amount of time, you know that having a backup power generator is very important. This is especially true if you live in an area with extreme cold or extremely hot

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My Experience With Sewer Gas Odor

There is nothing worse than the smell of sewer gas in your home. This is especially true if you live in the country like I do because we have septic systems or on site sewage disposal units out here. The

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How To Clean A Painted Wall

If you have kids, you will end up with dirt on the walls. That could be from markers, crayons or from things you do not even want to know what they are. Whatever the case, you need to clean them

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