Best Products For Drafty Windows

There is nothing worse than a drafty window. In the summer it lets out much needed air conditioning and in the winter, the gusts of cold air can send a chill through your body. Taking care of those drafty windows has a number of benefits.

  • It will save you money on your heating and air conditioning bill.
  • It will make your home more comfortable.
  • It will make your home quieter.
  • It will prevent bugs from accessing your home.

But how are you supposed to take care of those drafts. Here are some of the top products that I have found to take care of the job.

  • 3M Indoor Window Insulation Kit
    What makes it great? This kit provides enough material to seal up to five windows. Installation is super easy, even if you are not handy. First you simply cut the film to the size of the window (plus an extra inch on each side). Next you apply the mounting tape to the frame of the window. You then attach the fil to the double sided mounting tape and you have a sealed window. Wen stretched tight, the film is clear, giving you unobstructed views.
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  • 36″ Draft Stopper
    What makes it great? If the draft is coming from just the lower window edge, this may be all that you need. Simply drop it in place and cut the draft quickly with no adhesive and really not much effort at all.
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  • Black & Decker Leak Detector
    What makes it great? If you know you have a leak but just can not pinpoint it, this inexpensive thermal leak detector will do the trick. Find the exact source of your problem so that you can repair a seal, caulk or otherwise block that annoying draft.
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  • Duck Brand Self Adhering Weatherstrip
    What makes it great? It is easy to apply and can seal large gaps on windows. In many cases, drafts are simply caused by worn weatherstripping and this can solve your problem quickly.
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