Back Pain From Office Chairs

The common office chair can cause problems for even the best back. The static pressure that the spine is under when sitting in an office chair for hours can be tremendous. It can make a good back sore and a bad back unbearably painful. If you have an office job, you might think that you have to just suck it up and take it. Maybe get up every hour os so and walk around to alleviate the pain. I have another solution for you. You can get one of the many specialized office chairs available. Chairs designed to reduce or eliminate spinal and leg stress completely. Here are my top choices.

  • Gaiam Balance Ball Chair
    This chair uses the same type of balance ball that you might see at the gym. It contains the ball on a strong frame with casters. It is designed to eliminate spinal stress and help you build a healthier back.
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  • Safco Zenergy Ball Chair
    Similar to the ball chair above with a non rolling base and an atttractive color. This one will fit in better with more sophisticated offices and is well suited for non office use in a livingĀ or dining area.
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  • Healthy Back Kneeling Chair
    Gives you an upright posture while working that correctly aligns your spine. Features memory foam for comfort.
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  • Comfort Orthopedic Memory Foam Cushion
    Stuck with a standard office chair, you can still get help. These chair pads are designed to eliminate pressure on your spine with the combination of memory foam and a special cutout for your tailbone.
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