7 Best Food Erasers

Are you an eraser person? Looking for that cool novelty eraser shaped like food. Perhaps you collect erasers. Whatever the case, here are 7 of the best food shaped erasers that you will find around. Enjoy and be sure to leave a comment below.

  1. Dessert Japanese Eraser Set
    You will love the detail and beauty of this eraser set. Use it as a puzzle or, dare we say it, you can also erase with them.
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  2. Steak & Lobster Erasers
    A fancy meal in great detail. You will love these tiny masterpieces.
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  3. Junk Food Erasers
    Usually junk food is the mistake but now you can use it to fix mistakes. Enjoy this lot of 12 junk food eraser set.
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  4. Japanese Cake & Donut Erasers
    Enjoy this great collectible. Add it to your collection or use it for its intended purpose.
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  5. Picnic Food Erasers
    Intricately detailed Japanese eraser set. Perfect for your collection.
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  6. Ice Cream Erasers
    What collection of food erasers is complete without ice cream.
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  7. Utensil Erasers
    How are you going to serve all of that eraser food? You need a set of serving utensils.
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