Best BBQ Grill Brush

grill brushIf you grill, you know the importance of having a good barbecue grill brush. You need to have a way to clean off that grill surface so that you can do your magic. But what makes a good grill brush? I look for several features that will make my job easier. Here is what I look for and my top choice.

Quality Construction: This means good materials designed to last for more than a few grillings. It should have thick stainless steel bristles designed to last.

No Plastic: Plastic and heat just do not work. Avoid those cheap brushes that use a plastic base. The base will heat up, melt and then it will start shedding metal bristles. Last thing you want your guests to bite into is a sharp strand of steel.

Long Handle: I use my brush after warming it up and after cooking so I like to keep my hands away from the heat.

Quick Cleaning Ability: This means multiple brushes for fast and efficient cleaning.

Affordability: We don’t want to break the bank and I hate dealing with expensive replacement brush heads.

So which grill brush do I like the best?

Quality United 3 in 1 Grill Brush

With a long 18″ handle and multiple stainless steel bristle angles, this brush will make quick work of the toughest grill messes. This is a very highly reviewed brush that comes in at a great price.

Check Prices on Amazon

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How To Clean A Painted Wall

If you have kids, you will end up with dirt on the walls. That could be from markers, crayons or from things you do not even want to know what they are. Whatever the case, you need to clean them off the wall without damaging it. Here is my go to product to clean things off of the wall without damage. I use Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. They have never let me down.

Check Prices on Amazon.


  1. Lightly wet the magic eraser.
  2. Gently wipe off scuffs, marker marks, etc from your wall. Use gentle pressure. These can remove paint but it takes a lot of pressure and time to do that. If you find yourself working through the paint, stop.
  3. Allow the spot to dry and enjoy your clean wall or door.

Other Uses

You can use your Magic Erasers for a number of other things. They can clean walls, doors, floors, non stone counters, siding, appliances, etc.


  1. Check your work often. If you rub a spot too long, you could potentially remove paint or remove a finish from a surface.
  2. Don’t over wet the eraser. Moisten it and then wring it out well.
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How To Keep Red Wine Fresh

If you are like me, you like the occasional glass of red wine. The problem is that after a glass or two I am done and then I have a half bottle of wine that might just go bad. Sure, I could buy those individual glass wine bottles but the selection of wine is limited to a few mainstream choices. So, how can you keep a bottle of good red wine from going bad? It is easy actually quite easy. Here is how I do it.

The first step to saving your wine is realizing what the enemy of your wine is. That enemy is air. So, to make your wine last longer, you need to take the air out of the bottle. That is where a wine vacuum pump comes in. With one, you can suck the air out of your wine bottle and make it last much longer. Trust me, it works and you will pay for your wine vacuum pump the very first time you use it. Here are some of my top picks.

  • Fast O Vacuum Wine Preserver
    Made of stainless steel and coming with two rubber stoppers, this vacuum sealer is a great buy. Check out the reviews and you will see that it is a great choice.
    wine preserver
    Check Prices on Amazon.
  • Vacu Vine
    This comes with two stoppers and has a patented click mechanism that lets you know that the bottle is airtight. Highly reviewed product.
    wine sealer
    Check Prices on Amazon.
  • RikiGroup Wine Saver Pump
    This pump includes a couple stoppers and the pump. Rugged design stands up to repeated uses. Check out the reviews on Amazon for details.
    vacuum sealer
    Check Prices on Amazon.
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How To Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

stainless cleanerNothing beats the look of stainless steel when it is clean and shiny new. But what happens when you actually want to use your kitchen and your stainless oven, microwave, dishwasher or refrigerator? Even the slightest speck of dirt seems to stand out and make them look horrible.

The result is that you need to stay on top of your stainless appliances and clean them daily. So, what happens if you get a little behind on the cleaning? You need to restore them and I have just the thing. I myself used this miracle product to restore a refrigerator that I was about to give up on. The stainless was watermarked and nothing seemed to clean it. That is, until I discover Barkeepers Friend.

To use the product, you simply apply it with a damp clothe and then wipe it off. Be sure to do a test spot on a hidden area first and always rub in the direction of the grain or brush lines of the stainless. This is not a product that you would need or want to use every day but if you have an appliance in need, it will do the trick. You can find this product on Amazon with the link below.

Check Prices on Amazon.

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How to clean mildew from shower tile and grout.

mildew in showerMaterials


Mildew is actually pretty easy to get rid of. All that you need is some common chlorine bleach and a spray bottle. Mix up a solution of one part water and one part bleach. Spray the solution on the mildew and leave it alone. In a few hours, you will notice that the mildew is either gone or  greatly reduced. Repeat the bleach process again if needed. When you are done, rinse off the solution and you are all set.

If you are sensitive to bleach, be careful and use this solution with a window open or the vent fan on. Wear gloves for your protection and be sure not to spray the mixture on any textiles which can be easily bleached.

Quick Tip

To maintain my shower I like to use toilet cleaner with bleach. Sounds weird but once a week when I take a shower I will take a scrub brush and the cleaner into the shower with me. I will quickly clean the tile with the solution and the brush and then take a shower as normal. The toilet bowl cleaner does a great job cleaning the tile and it takes only a couple minutes a week. The bleach in the cleaner keeps mildew from returning. This is the brand that I like.


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Get Rid Of Garbage Disposal Odor

disposal cleanerDo you have an unpleasant odor coming from your garbage disposal? Is doing the dishes even more unpleasant because of the odor? If so, you should give some thought to cleaning out your sink’s garbage disposal.

You have probably seen a lot of the home remedies like ice cubes or lemon peels. The truth is that a lot of these methods are only temporary and many of them can be damaging. Just think how tough it is for your disposal to get through ice cubes. I have a better way and it comes from an inexpensive product that can clean your drain for around a dollar, well worth it.

Tina’s Solution: Foaming Disposer Cleaner

Here it is on Amazon.

So how does it work? You simply place the packet in the disposal, turn the water on and turn the disposal on. It will self clean in about four minutes. You will notice an immediate relief to odor and it will last for weeks. Repeat once a month to maintain a clean disposal.

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Remove Pee Stains From A Mattress

pee stainThere will come a time in every mom’s  life when she has to deal with pee stains. Potty training and bed wetting are issues that we all have to deal with. One thing that you will realize right away is that even the slightest amount of urine on a mattress will cause a horrible looking stain.  You can clean it with your carpet shampooer or soap and water but nothing will remove it. Well, almost nothing. In fact, most stains are easily removed with one simple cleaning product.

Tina’s Pee Pee Solution: Urine Stain Remover
My solution comes in the form of a professional cleaning product called Urine Stain Remover. I came across this product because of my carpet cleaner who used it, and charged me heavily, to clean urine stains from my carpet. I searched for it and found that you can buy it yourself online.

Here it is on Amazon.

It could not be easier to use. Just mist it on the spot with a spray bottle and let it be. It will literally make the stains disappear in minutes. You can use this miracle product on urine stains, pet stains, wine, coffee, tea, just about anything organic.

One word of caution, it does contain Hydrogen Peroxide, so do not touch the spot until it is dry. Once dry, the peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen so it is completely safe.

Well, that’s my tip of the day. Enjoy.

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Choo Choo Wagon Review

If you have never seen the Choo Choo Wagon in action, you might be unfamiliar with it. If you have ever seen it though, I am sure you researched it right away, perhaps that is what you are doing now. It is one of the cutest and most practical ways to get your children around. If you are just running to the grocery store, this might not be the best way to go about things but if you are going to the zoo or an extended shopping trip, this will do wonders for your sanity.

We all know that kids love wagons and they can hold a lot of gear. They make life easier on long excursions but the trick is getting them to stay in the wagon. That is what the Choo Choo Wagon excels at. How does it make your kid’s want to stay inside? Simple, space. Each child has his or her own little space. They get their own seat with their own little drink holder. They get to ride in style as if they were controlling the whole show in their personal cockpit. Let’s take a look at some of the great features of the Choo Choo Wagon.

1. Long Handle
The long handle on the Choo Choo Wagon makes it easy to pull it along. Navigating is easy and precise.

2. Front Storage
The front car has storage for small items such as wallets, small toys and keys.

3. Safety Belts
Each seat has their own safety belt to keep the little ones in place and secure.

4. Drainage Holes
Each car has drain holes for the occasional spill and to make clean up easier.
drainage holes

5. Optional Trailer
You can add up to 3 optional trailers to the Choo Choo Wagon. Trailers can be used for storage or to hold additional children since they all have seats and a seatbelt just like the two main cars.

6. Maneuverability
The wagon comes with a flexible hinge between cars that allows it to easily maneuver around obstacles.

7. Large Wheels
Large 8″ wheels provide a stable, comfortable and quiet ride for the little ones.

Pretty neat right? What’s not to love about the Choo Choo Wagon. To top it off, it is well under $100 on Amazon.

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Ultimate Triplet Strollers

If you have three babies to get around, you have a real problem. I myself have a set of fraternal twins and a toddler. Getting them and their gear from place to place can be a nightmare. It makes you never want to leave the house for fear of facing the chaos. Things need to get done though and you can’t stay locked up forever. The solution is an ultimate stroller. Here are my top picks. What I look for is convenience, transportability, maneuverability, good customer ratings and of course price. I hope this helps. Enjoy.

  • Foundations Trio Sport Stroller in Red
    Check prices on Amazon.
    Capacity: 3 children, up to 40# each.
    Canopy: Yes
    Safety Features: 5 point harnesses, adjustable seat heights, foot brake.
    Why This Stroller?: It is easy to transport, has plenty of storage and happens to be one of the most affordable twin strollers on the market.
  • Foundations Trio Sport Stroller in Green
    Check prices on Amazon.
    Capacity: 3 children, up to 40# each.
    Canopy: Yes
    Safety Features: 5 point harnesses, adjustable seat heights, foot brake.
    Why This Stroller?: It is easy to transport, has plenty of storage and happens to be one of the most affordable twin strollers on the market.
    green stroller
  • Angeles Infant & Toddler Stroller
    Check prices on Amazon.
    Capacity: 4 children up to 40# each.
    Canopy: Yes
    Safety Features: No roll braking technology, locking foot brake, harnesses.
    Why This Stroller?: Yes, this is designed for four but if you have triplets and a toddler or would just like a little more storage room, it works well. For the money it is a great deal combinging ease of use with ample storage space.
    4 toddler
  • Foundations Quad Sport in Red
    Check prices on Amazon.
    Capacity: 4 children up to 40# each.
    Canopy: Yes
    Safety Features: 5 point harnesses, adjustable seat positions, locking brake.
    Why This Stroller?: It is designed for four but that gives you room to grow or for extra storage. It is also designed to fit through standard doorways and has front and rear reclining seats. A steal for the price.
    4 stroller
  • Foundations Quad Sport in Green
    Check prices on Amazon.
    Capacity: 4 children up to 40# each.
    Canopy: Yes
    Safety Features: 5 point harnesses, adjustable seat positions, locking brake.
    Why This Stroller?: It is designed for four but that gives you room to grow or for extra storage. It is also designed to fit through standard doorways and has front and rear reclining seats. A steal for the price.
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Henes Broon T870

A little while ago, I reviewed the F830 from Henes Broon so I thought I would give you the rundown on their other model, the T870. This one is a bit more expensive at around $1200 but you get an off road capable ride on for that price. Hard to think about offloading with a ride on, but that is just what your little one can do with this incredible machine. Nothing takes the place of videos with this toy so take a minute and look at the video from the company itself.

Wow, right! Could you imagine that plastic jeep from Wal Mart doing all of that. And one of the best things is that parents have complete control over what they allow their little one to do with the included android tablet. You can set speed limits, control braking patterns and so much more. If they are too young to handle the controls, use the bluetooth remote to drive them around and if they get out of range of the remote, the T870 will stop.

Some things that the video did not go into great detail about is that this ride on truck has a working suspension with plenty of offered capable travel and it is four wheel drive with 2 electric motors. One for the back and one for the front.  In addition, doors, hood and truck all open and the vehicle is equipped with a leather racing style seat with a four point harness.

Interested? If you have the means, you should check it out on Amazon. Order from them and you can also get free shipping. This is a big deal since this vehicle is bulky at almost 4 feet.

T870 in black from Amazon.

T870 in white from Amazon.

T870 in yellow from Amazon.

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